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Is Google losing its Grip in the Search Dominance

Is Google losing its Grip in the Search Dominance
People have been keeping a close watch over the search market, and from the last few months they have seen Bing and Yahoo gaining their market share. But what you can notice also is that Google seems to be losing its share.

In July, Google lost its market share to Bing and now a notable shift is that Yahoo is getting an increase in its search query as well for the first time since January.

As you could see, Yahoo and Microsoft’s Bing have fused together in an effort to gain in the search realm. Yahoo’s organic search results are now powered by Bing’s algorithm in Canada and the USA.

Some of the facts that were collected are:

  • The number of Google users have declined steadily during this year and the figure is steady in recent months.
  • Some of the users are moving to other search engines and most likely they are using mobile search and vertical search.
  • Bing saw a decline in the search a bit earlier in the year but it has increased steadily since March. There were more searchers conducting the most searches per person this July, which is more than all of this year.
  • Yahoo is fairly consistent in its reach, but it has experienced a drop in the number of searches per person.
  • Google’s percentage grew mostly for the Shopping, Automotive and Travel categories while Bing is doing well in Automotive, Shopping, Health and Travel.
It is quite early to say whether the search giant is losing its dominance but with this slow decline, you never know what might happen.