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SEO not affected by Google Instant

SEO not affected by Google Instant
With Google Instant coming live, many people already made the speculation that SEO may be dead (again), but Google has made an important announcement that the Internet marketers shouldn’t change the SEO strategies to make up to their partially typed keywords.

The Google Instant search will provide results for each query and letter typed based on the popularity trend. Now, these partially typed keywords seem to change the whole aspect of SEO or keyword research but Google has confirmed that they don’t have to do so.

The Google Analytics team has said that the new Google Instant won’t change the search ranking so much and the search queries using the instant search will be tracked just like they have always been.

Queries are measured on the predicted query versus the actual query and this has made it possible for the strategies not to be changed.

The AdWords impressions are counted in the similar manner with an impression which is generated when you click on an ad or the link on the page or hit ‘enter’ after a query. The only change you can see is the impression that will be generated after a user pauses for about three seconds after a keystroke is entered.