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New “Bingbot” to crawl through Non-optimized Sites more easily

Bing's New Web crawler Bingbot releasing coming October.

Microsoft made an announcement that it will be bringing the Bing web crawler out of beta on October 1st. It will be re branded as "the Bingbot" and will replace the existing msnbot. "It will still honor robots.txt directives written for msnbot, so no change is required to robots.txt file(s)," a Bing representative told WebProNews.

"Improvements to the bot enables more efficient crawling, and increases the ability to crawl content on sites not optimized for search," he says.

Rick DeJarnette has more to say about the change on the Bing Webmaster Blog:

Instead of the old msnbot 2.0 showing up in your server logs, the updated user agent will be:

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; bingbot/2.0 +

The HTTP header from field will also change as shown below:

From: msnbot(at) will become

From: bingbot(at)

The company says; if Bing finds different sets of directives for…

Google Chrome Replaces Safari as Third Most Popular Internet Browser!

Last week Google replaced Apple Safari for the first time as the third most used Internet browser in the United Sates, based on the figures that were released on Monday by StatCounter.

"This is quite a coup for Google as they have gone from zero to almost 10 percent of the US market in under two years," said StatCounter chief executive Aodhan Cullen said in a release.

"There is a battle royal going on between Google and Apple in the Internet browser space (Chrome vs. Safari) as well as in the mobile market (Android vs. Iphone)."

Chrome had 8.97 percent of the US browser market in the week that ended on Sunday, topping Safari's 8.88 percent as reported by StatCounter. Safari lost an approximately 1.5 percent lead it had on Chrome two months earlier.

Firefox was the second most popular with 28.48 percent of people using the free, open-source browser. Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) was on top with 52 percent of US Internet users surfing with the software.

Globally, C…

Search Engine Reputation Management

Search engine reputation management can work wonderfully in turning any bad publicity to a good one. Don’t believe it? Here’s an example.

Hopefully you know about the ongoing BP oil spill. Caught in the oil spill crisis, BP is trying to fix its already damaged reputation by investing heavily in Google Adwords. They were successful in rerouting the searches to the BP’s positive steps to manage the spill instead of diverting it to the loss and environmental disaster, which is caused by the spill. A pretty clever step to take in the midst of the disaster and much likely they have achieved the step.

Since the advent of the oil spill, BP has been suffering from bad publicity. With the help of search engine reputation management, they have cleverly toned down on the bad criticism about their company.

Search engine reputation management is a tactic which can deal with any negative information about a company showing up in the SERP.

Crisis can be unpredictable and it may have a grave impact on yo…

A View on Using Google Trends

Google Trends is a search product that allows users to view all the “hot searches” and “hot topics” currently on the Internet. Basically, Google Trends makes it easy for you to see the most actively searched key words and phrases at the current time. This allows you to take advantage of the trends and drives traffic to your website.

Google Trends can be used best in two ways: (1) by obtaining information on the current “hot” key words, phrases or topics; and (2) by obtaining information of your current key word or key phrase selection. Using Google Trends for these two purposes can greatly support your ability to drive traffic to your website.

As mentioned above, Google Trends can be utilized for taking information on current “hot” key words, phrases, and/or topics. The homepage of Google Trends lists the top ten “hot topics” and the top ten “hot searches.” By simply clicking on one of the top ten “hot topics” or “hot searches,” Google provides you with a large amount of information on …

External Deep Linking can Boost your Rankings

Everyone needs a better ranking for their website. It is important to be aware of the fact that a nice boost from the position 8 to 5, or 2 to 1 for your targeted search term can make a world of difference in the page views and clicks that you receive. But how can yo go beyond the competition in your targeted search rankings?

External deep linking is something a lot of sites neglect, which can be a big disadvantage with your SEO strategy. Websites take too much time in optimizing their home pages to rank for their high level keywords, and send most external links to their homepage while they neglect their deeply indexed pages.

Benefits of external deep linking are:

A more diverse link portfolio: It is important to have a more diverse link portfolio since the links that are pointing to your other indexed pages are most likely to have other keywords associated with the links. Therefore, your top level domain will become more powerful because of the diverse links and because the keywords in…

How to Get Lots of Visitors to your Website

Traffic is very important for a website to succeed on the Internet. If you write a number of articles in your website, a few blog posts or perhaps run a forum website, probably you will want lots of people to gather and keep reading the content.

For those who are involved in online marketing, traffic is the key to success with their business. Without traffic, there will be no customer and so there will be no sales made. All the efforts that have been put in product creation and sales copy writing would be of no use if there is no traffic in the end.

Hence,to get traffic is very important. Given here are a list of traffic generation methods that could bring you a large number of relevant visitors and customers for long term:

1.Search Engine Optimization: Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and Youtube conduct billions of search queries everyday. Therefore, the traffic comes in huge volume. For website owners, search engines will bring you a good number of free targeted visitors. The …

Gain free Search Engine Traffic for Heavy Profits

The importance of search engines applies to lots of online businesses. If you want to make profits online, you have to depend heavily on search engine traffic for visitors and potential customers. This is the key to making real money online, no matter what business type you are into.

Some people argue that you could get lots of traffic from Twitter and Facebook, due to the popularity of these sites. While it is true, web traffic from these sites will less likely convert into customers. People browse Twitter or Facebook to chat, make new friends or share freebies. The situation is totally different on search engines, where the visitors could have high buying intention, especially those customers who enter product name keywords or are looking for discounts.

Hence, there are two ways to start making serious income on the Internet. The first is by using search engine optimization, and the second is PPC advertising. Here are some useful tips to build a website and optimize it to get search e…

Use Google Adwords Effectively

The success rate of Google AdWords is so impressive that it converts all its prospects into buyers that further prosper a lot. In short it can be said that Goggle AdWords are the best business partners that anyone can have.

Making money in business is a great job but to grow your business to your expectations is in the hand of Google AdWords. The words used in Google Adwords ad is specific and relevant rather than descriptive.

You might have heard about Google PPC which is also known as Google Pay per Click. Google PPC is nothing but a way to increase the number of clicks of an ad. It is like making an ad, keeping in mind the need of the buyer. You have to attract browsers in such a away that you reach your target through increased number of clicks at minimum rates.

For Google AdWords there are no separate designers, you just pick up the ad according to your requirements. You just have to select an ad of your choice and start working on it. There are several methods of doing an ad in Go…

Google's Announcement for Commerce Search 2.0

Google has just launched Google Commerce Search 2.0. It is Available now for U.S. and UK retailers. Commerce Search 2.0 offers a better experience online for shoppers, while offering a greater control and better ROI for online retailers.

Google Custom Search 2.0 that was launched 6 months ago, offers an enterprise-grade website search solution hosted in Google’s cloud servers. According to Google this latest version of Commerce Search offers the following enhancements:

More merchant customization: They are introducing a full merchandising dashboard that gives merchants more control over ranking rules,promotions and filtering. Product merchandisers and marketers can now do all of this themselves, no custom code is necessary. New intuitive retailer controls like navigation bar with filters, time-based promotions and simple product ranking rules mean seasonal optimizations can be done easily.Better shopper experience: With query auto completion, retailers can give common queries to shoppe…

Twitter Places: Can It Challenge Google's Local Dominance

One of the big questions in the local search space is, Who’s going to do the best job of giving accurate result of location with real-time context? Twitter was not the first one to try it, but it may have the best chance to succeed.

On Monday, the company announced Twitter Places,over the next week, a new feature that’s being rolled out on both and for the users in 65 countries. Twitter Places, in short, gives every location its own Twitter page.

Users can attach their tweets to a Twitter Place, be it a local business, a stadium, a museum or any other specific place. To use Twitter Places, all you will need is to enable Twitter’s “tweet with your location” feature, and then click “Add your location” under the text area on your Twitter home page. After that, clicking to the location brings up a list of nearby Twitter Places.

There’s also a search option right at the bottom, and if you fail to find your current place, you can add it directly into Twitter’s sy…

Google Brings Out 16 New Online Applications

Since March, new applications have been flowing to the Google Apps Marketplace, but now there has been a launch of 16 new programs, termed as the biggest addition since the service was launched.

More than just an online storefront, programs in Apps Marketplace are designed to integrate with other Google (NASDAQ: GOOG) applications such as Docs, Calendar and Gmail, and they are all available through a single sign-on password enabled by OpenID (define).

Most of the 16 new applications are related to business or productivity. Google has provided a brief snapshot summary of each application at its Enterprise Blog site. For example, Jive Express is formulated to bring social networking and collaboration features to both customers and employees. Among other features, Jive Express allows you to create discussion areas with comment features, create Web documents that can be shared collectively and add individual and group blogging and polls.

Another addition to the Marketplace, , is …

Google Enhances its User's Experience

Lately, you must have noticed that the Google search engine results page has a new look to it. As you click on the Search button after keying in your searches, you may have noticed that there is a new section to the left of your screen. It's just that, you just have witnessed the all new Google. Though it is not really a total makeover.

Google still has the familiar white background, the usual web page listings, and its typical menu options right above the results page. Google recently has officially launched its major addition to its search arsenal that will boost its users' Google experience. If you look carefully, its new user interface carries the new Search Options on the left-hand navigation of the page. It gives you the freedom to filter in various ways the results that you would like to see. This makes Google even more user-friendly; making it easier to find exactly what you are looking for.

The change in Google's user interface doesn't really mean that there wi…

BP's Google Buy Aims To Get Oil Spill Web Traffic

Floating carpets of thick blackish crude oil aren’t the only problem BP is trying to put a cap on. The company responsible for the biggest ecological disaster in U.S. history is facing huge criticism being spread through social media, and there doesn’t appear to be any end in sight.

Bill Walker, general manager, Fleishman-Hillard said, “There has been an absolute explosion of peer-to-peer discussions about BP in social media on Twitter and Facebook and other sites and the vast majority of it is overwhelmingly negative.”

The latest criticism follows recent news that the company bought search terms from Google to direct users to the BP websites information on clean-up efforts.

A search done by ABC News for the words “oil spill” in the news portion of was showed in a highlighted link with the words “Learn more about how BP is helping,” on the tag line. BP spokesman Toby Odone said the aim was to make information more accessible.

Odone further told ABC,“We have bought search terms …

Bing gets Social with Twitter and Facebook

Bing has recently upgraded its services and is currently sending the latest updates from Twitter and Facebook on your search terms. Microsoft's search engine on Wednesday officially launched its social site, which taps into public and shared updates from Facebook and the latest tweets from Twitter to show real-time results for your search topics.

This social search engine works like the regular Bing search engine. You will simply need to enter your keyword, and you'll see a list of current and recent posts from the two social networks. Every post offers a link to a Web site that could be anything from a static page to a YouTube video, where you can view more on a topic.

About the privacy concerns related to Facebook, Microsoft said in its blog that Bing collects updates only from Facebook fan pages and those shared links from non fan pages in which the status is set to share content with everyone. Still, no names, photos, or other identifying information will show up in the feed…

Google's Caffeine: A sudden transformation from Months to Seconds

Marketers and news hounds may still if Google's Caffeine, which now delivers search results from updated sites within seconds, is fast enough. But it wasn't too long ago when Google used to update its index only once every 30 days.

On the day of the terrible 9/11 attacks, Google News did not even exist! The search giant, at the time, had only been around for three years and wasn't providing the latest news reports as they appeared online.

But soon after the attacks, there were various news sites that had trouble keeping up with the sudden surge in the number of online news readers. As Google was able to access those sites, it started posting cached versions of them because it had the bandwidth to support the visitors, as said by Matt Cutts, head of Google's Web spam team. "Over the course of several hours, we had useful content where people couldn't otherwise get to it because most of the other sites were down" he said.

This post 9/11 demand for breaking new…

New Search Index Caffeine By Google Goes Live

Google finally announces the release of its Caffeine indexing technology, which it has been testing for almost one year. Google in a blog post said: "Caffeine provides 50 percent fresher results for web searches than our last index, and it's the largest collection of web content we've offered. Whether it's a news story, a blog or a forum post, you can now find links to relevant content much sooner after it is published than was ever before possible".

In August 2009, Google started testing Caffeine, and search guru Matt Cutts had said in November to expect the new system to go live "after the holidays,". At the time, Google had said the new index would be the most significant change it has ever made to the basic technology that crawls the Internet and ranks Web pages since the year 2006.

Speed and comprehensiveness were the main aim of the new project. According to Google; a new system was required to keep up with an explosion in Web content over the last …

Choose Quality SEO Services For a Successful Online Business

To find a really good selling association for your website can be boring and time- consuming. Every provider that you get will boast about being a professional SEO company and will also guarantee to provide 100% effective SEO services. What with the competition between SEO service providers being so fierce, it has become increasingly difficult to choose the right one.

How can you get qualified online business leads?

To get good SEO optimization services, you have to have a 100% search engine friendly website. If you fail to do this, then nothing can work.

Although the design and the look of a website is important, it is just as important for the web page to have a lot of relevant, and keyword-rich content. This is really important.

Relevant content is King. And is important to guide the clients looking for your services to your Internet site. In other words, you would surely like to have qualified Business Leads!

Only qualified traffic can convert into sales and bring you more money!


Google Page Rank Calculation

The calculation of Google Page Rank of any website depends on the counting of each incoming link to the site as a vote. For instance, if one website has an outgoing link to another one, then Google accepts that link as a vote for that another site. Simply it can be said if someone commends a reputable company to his friend, then the recommendation make the friend more confident.

Though it happens like it, still Google doesn't solely depend on the pure count of the links coming to the site in order to calculate the Page Rank. There are search engine robots that analyze the page linking of any website well. If the linking page is more relevant to the entered keywords, Google will give higher importance to that page. So, It is very important to keep this point in mind when you are planning to get one way links to your site. The below points are important as Google takes into account at the time of analyzing the linking page:

• The Page Rank of the linking page

• The linking pa…

Yahoo Soon To Roll Out New Facebook Integrations

Yahoo has plans to establish a new way of viewing the contents from Facebook Inc. across its websites, according to people who are briefed on the matter. This plan aims to prevent users of Yahoo from defecting to the social network.

As a part of a partnership with Facebook that was announced last December, Yahoo will start allowing the users to be able to view their stream of Facebook updates, which Facebook calls the “news feed” from and Yahoo Mail. The company will further allow users to post actions that they take on Yahoo like uploading a photo to Yahoo's photo service Flickr, back on Facebook.

According to the sources, Yahoo also plans to rename its existing Yahoo Profiles service, currently a hub where users can connect to other Yahoo users and can post information about themselves. Yahoo Pulse, as the service will be called, will offer tabs for various social networks. Initially permitting users to switch between the consuming updates, like links to articles that f…

Bing A Major Search Entity After One Year

In June last year, Microsoft re-branded its Windows Live search engine to 'Bing', the decision engine. Today, they have successfully established themselves as one of the most popular search engines. But, Google still dominates all the other search engines. Most of the major search engines and even Bing have tried in earnest but have not succeeded in dethroning this mammoth of a company.

Since its début, Bing has consistently noted a modest gain each month and in April 2010, the Microsoft sites accounted for 11.8% of searches, which is up to 8% year over year.

Note that this growth has mainly come at the expense of Yahoo and not the search engine giant Google. Yahoo lost their market share year over year and on the other hand Google has remained static. Though Google is still the leader in the search engine industry, in some sectors Bing has got better results like their travel search.

Google Releasing Chrome OS this September

Google had announced that they are releasing Chrome OS this September during the on-going Computex 2010 Expo.

Sundar Pichai, Google's vice president of product management, said that Google has been working on bringing this new operating system into the market later this fall. They now have a fixed time frame wherein the Chrome OS will finally be available on desktops and notebooks.

Google has also announced that the Chrome OS is based on Linux kernel in July 2009 for notebooks and desktops. This open source operating system based on Chrome browser is designed to work smoothly with web applications.

Pichai also added that this is indeed very exciting news for them and they expect it to reach out to millions of users on day one. However, until they come across and use the chrome OS based device, they cannot say whether Google will beat Microsoft or not. The Chrome OS will be available on desktops and notebooks from partners like Asus, Lenovo, HP and Acer.

Google, Bing or Yahoo - Which one would You Aim For With SEO

So you have just entered into the world of SEO and don’t have a clue about which search engine to target. Most probably, your search engine optimization company might have mentioned Google a few times and of course, why not it’s the most superior and popular over other search engines. But have you ever thought whether the other search engines that exist could help you?

It comes as no surprise that the Google search engine dominates over others and is the main priority for most SEO campaigns. But, there are quite a number of people who do not use Google and they might be the clients that you are looking for. Google, Yahoo and Bing are the three main search engine giants with similar algorithms. So when optimizing for Google, the rest two results come along seamlessly.

Well, you are getting good results and it may work well, but it doesn’t mean it will work all the time. Targeting each search engine individually will give you a better chance to rank higher than just aiming for one. When y…

Google Is Now all Set For Custom Photos

Google has recently come up with a new Home Page personalization feature – users can now customize their Google Home Pages with photos of their own!

On Wednesday afternoon, the company announced that within the next few days, U.S. visitors to the Google website will be able to drag pictures from their computer or Picasa album onto their home page, finally giving it a unique background of their own choice. And users outside the U.S will get to use the feature a little later as Google will gradually roll it out around the world, as said by Marissa Mayer, V.P of search products and the user experience and also the keeper of Google Look, in a blog post.

Google has always believed in an innovative yet simplistic approach. Earlier last year, it had removed all extraneous links until the user moved the mouse, since Google firmly believes that those who browse the need do not need any distractions. In addition, it has also allowed users to set up customized iGoogle pages in the past. The basic …

Tips for Hiring an SEO Company for Lawyer Internet Marketing

Are you looking for an SEO company to market your law firm. If you are then it’s better you do it now than later. Partnering with an SEO firm will be the greatest investment you ever done. An SEO company can help you bring targeted leads for your law profession. Search engine optimization services can it improve your website’s visibility on the Internet world and bring a competitive edge to your business.

Now, you are convinced of the benefits you will get from an SEO service then here are some tips to help find a reliable SEO company before hiring them.

The first main question you should ask is whether they provide a white hat SEO service. Google only recognizes white hat SEO techniques but will penalize any website following black hat SEO techniques.

Another is to ask what their SEO experience is for the legal category. They must have a clear vision and knowledge about your professions.

Will the SEO company provide a detailed analysis of all of the modifications and techniques benefit…

Google To Move Away From Windows

According to a report, Google till now has seen enough of Microsoft's Windows operating system, suspending internal use of the OS amid security concerns which related to the attack on its network late last year.

It was reported late Monday that Google has started telling new employees that they are no longer able to request Windows PCs, giving them the choice of linux or Mac systems. Google has long offered its employees their choice of work operating system but now will no longer do so, According to The Financial Times, after an attack on Windows and Internet Explorer 6 had resulted in the theft of Google intellectual property, believed to be source code, late last year.

Rumors to this effect arose earlier in the year, but CNET was not able to confirm them at the time. Microsoft from the start has never been a friendly face inside the Googleplex, but Google's engineering-driven culture and requirement to test its software on a variety of systems meant that at least some of the …

Now Fire up Your Dying Blog

Many of my friends complain about their dying blogs and they feel depressed. Having a blog is not only a media of expression, but it has now become an online business as well. And this is why, those of you with blogs should know how to keep it alive, and not let it become one of those outdated and old pages that no one visits. So, maintain your blog with the following tips and bear the fruits of a well written, much-visited blog!

Remodel – Writing can get a bit boring and frustrating at times, and maintaining a blog can be a tedious chore. If this is the case with you, then the chances of people getting bored with your blog are higher, what with new and more interesting blogs popping up over the Internet every second. So, you need to have an updated theme for your blog when you feel it is about to die.

Re-purpose – Never let your blog lose its touch. The subject that you got started with may not be the most talked about topic later. So, make it a point to always search for new topics a…

iPhone to have Bing as default search engine

Apple is set to give Google a hard time by making Bing as the default search engine on iPhone. Google is enjoying the web domination but now the rivalry is taking a new turn in the mobile technology. Now, market experts are buzzing whether this new turn is going to make any different or not.

Apple has tied up with Microsoft to set Bing as the default search engine on the new 4G enabled Apple iPhone handset. Prior to this , Google has recently launched their advanced Android 2.2 version, five times, faster than the earlier version. The Android 2.2 operating system is unveiled to modify Apple iPhone. The market is optimistic regarding Google’s Android 2.2 operating system and recently HTC has joined forces with Google to manufacture mobile devices with Android 2.2 compatible operating system.

The partnership between Apple and Microsoft came up out of the strong competition they are facing from Google. The recent Office 2010 launched by Microsoft allows access to the documentation for comp…

Google Says Facebook The Most Popular Website

Google made an announcement after releasing its findings on the top 1,000 sites in the world. More people visited social networking site Facebook than any other website.

According to Google, which ranked the websites based on unique visitors, Facebook welcomed 540 million new visitors to its site in the month of April, helping it reach a whopping 35% of all Web users. The company served 570 billion page views during the month, easily heading every other site on the Web.

Google, which did not include its own page views in the study, said Yahoo was the second-most-visited site in the month April. It captured about 490 million unique visitors and served over 70 billion page views. In third place was occupied by Microsoft's domain welcomed 370 million new visitors and served 39 billion page views.

Other interesting findings were: Wikipedia came in fourth place with 310 million unique visitors and 7.9 billion page views. China-based search engine called Baidu, captured the eighth…