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Autocompletion of Queries in Custom Search

Custom Search is mostly requested for the autocompletion of queries. And so, Google One of the most requested features for Custom Search is autocompletion of queries. Now it is announced at Google I/O that from onward query autocompletion for search engine is possible.

When we search typing any query in the search box, optional queries appear. Similarly, Custom Search autocompletion will work. Google does different things simultaneously behind the scenes. They create different algorithm for collecting data from multiple sources. It includes sources like queries to search engine, as well as keywords and phrases extracted automatically from the content of websites that search engine covers. As autocompleted queries are based partially on the specific content of the web pages that are covered by the search engine, autocompletions will only work if you set your preferences to Search only included sites in the control panel. Once the settings are saved, you need to replace the code for th…

Get Google Raking With The following Tips

Now, know the tips that can lead your website getting top raking without any doubt.

1. Many website owners use shared host. But when you do so, never forget to ask your host for a dedicated IP address. It means that you will get a unique IP address for your site. You will not have to share your IP address with any other. If you get your own and alone IP address, then you will be free and separate from the possible tons of related sites on your site.

2. You must be aware o f the fact that your website validates as a search engine friendly site. You can check your website's validation with the help of an trustworthy validation service site. They will let you know about the conformation to W3C standards and search engines readability of your website.

3. This is important to have a contact page on your website that includes your address and telephone number and a form of some sort so people can contact you. Be careful about your email on the site as you will get spammers to send you…

Google discloses its ad network sizes

Google has disclosed earlier this week the revenue shares for their two primary AdSense products. They have now revealed its large and lucrative ad network size.

Google has released the figures, which allows the calculation of the ad network empire size. Over 20,000 people is employed worldwide and 12,000 of them are employed in US alone. The ad network spans 1.5 million sites and advertisers as calculated.

Google disclosed its AdSense products’ revenue shares that revealed that AdSense for content publishers taking 68% of revenue, while AdSense earn 51% of earned revenue for search participants.

Neal Mohan, Vice President explained that they cannot guaranteed the revenue will change as the costs may change. Over the next few months, they will show the revenue share for AdSense for search and AdSense for content right in AdSence interface.

Google’s New Encryption may occlude SEO

Google had announced the release of their new SSL encrypted version of their search engine last week. However, a disturbing news for SE marketers is that this may impede the search engine optimization methods.

The announcement was made mainly as response to the recent incident in which Google had accidentally captured some information from unencrypted WiFi connections. Gmail and Google Docs, already have SSL encryption.

The SSL encryption allows users a greater privacy, but it will present a greater problem for the search engine optimization industry. SEO experts conduct keyword research by using analytical tools to see what searches the current audiences use to get to the websites. The SSL encryption forbids any referral data from being sent, which means when visitors go to a web page, the web owner won’t know where they came from or what search terms they use to get the page.

However, the search engine’s SSL encrypted version is not a default version, many analytic firms are though con…

Significant Blog Marketing Tips

Blog marketing is growing to a great extent and people have widely accepted it for its interactive method. Those who are involved in this business sure will success in online business. But they require to understand that a blog is just another website and requires keen efforts to fuel the fire that will bring more traffic into the blog posts.

Following tips will help you success in the blog marketing business.

Content: Content plays the significant role regarding blog post. The ideal word count of a blog is around 300-350 words. You should not use so many images but if you want to use image then make it sure that image alt tags are optimized for search as much as possible.

Plugins: There are different types of blogging platforms that you can use to strengthen the SEO qualities of your blog. In Wordpress, you will find about 10-15 plugins that can help your blog for search engine optimization efforts.

URL Structure: Your blog posts link structure is generally a string of symbols or n…

Get SEO Services For Your Website

SEO Services are the search engine optimization services that help your website to get the top ranking in the search engines. To get the highest ranking in the search engines is vital for each and every sites. Otherwise, the business involved in the websites will surely suffer. Without having the right publicity and visibility in the search engines your website would not get the attention of customers. So to to get success in this field, you must find the best SEO services from SEO firms.

There are several SEO services providing companies which can solve all your queries related your search engine optimizing problems. Most of these companies write contents about the description of your services, products and links to your sites. They try to write keywords and phrases that would enhance the ranking of your sites in the search engines. To rank in the search engines, it is important to have quality contents. Without such potential contents, the ranking will not be successful. Therefore, t…

Show Search Engine Your Most Important Pages

Important pages can lead the victory to your website if it is seen by search engine. Website owners basically want to bring their pages onto the search engine's so that they may succeed getting more and more targeted traffic to their website. The later part is known to all. Its only benefit! But it's the most difficult thing to be maintained. Though all want, all are not successful in this matter. Many have left the hope for getting top search engine result. Many times it is seen that it depends on how your website's navigational links are structured. Now you can get this problem solved with the following guidelines:

1. Make easily found web pages
While making web pages, make sure whether the most important pages on your site are easily reachable or not. You should try to make them get with as few clicks as possible from your home page. Search engine does not count those pages as important, if they are not easily navigational.

2. Link building
Link building plays an important…

Google Reveals AdSense Revenue Share

Google has finally discloses how it shares advertising revenue with the customers of AdSense who run Google ads on their own sites. AdSense customers are the publishers who run "Ads by Google" ads on their pages also those who use a custom Google search box on their site and run search-related ads. Those who are in the first category--AdSense for content--receive 68 percent of the revenue that Google gets for selling those ads, while AdSense for search customers earns 51 percent of that revenue, the company discloses for the first time Monday in a blog post.

With the Google major publishers negotiate individual deals for those revenue splits, but the tons of smaller companies and publishers that supplement their income with these types of ads had never been exactly sure how Google was splitting the pie, creating chaos for many in the publishing community.

Google in its blog post said, "We hope this additional transparency helps you gain more insight into your business par…

Benefits of Google Encrypted Search Engine

The launching of Google encrypted search engine have been making wave on the web world. People are looking forward for its benefits and other functioning of this SSL (secure sockets layer) used encrypted search engine. It will ensure the safety of the searches from being snooped or intercepted while traversing the Internet. This version will help the business persons and also the individuals in many ways.

The most relieving point is that it is easy to use. To get this facility, you want to type "https" at the beginning of the URL rather than "http". It will instantly encrypt the pipe between Google and your Web browser so that the search traffic will remain private between you and Google.

Google always keeps the record of what is searched for. So, the encrypted search engine can not be called as complete private. “Do No Evil" is the mantra of Google and that is why the users and the business persons trust Google not to involve with anything insidious.

One of th…

Google's encrypted search engine now goes beta

The beta version of Google’s SSL encrypted search engine has been unveiled for the international searches which gives users an enhanced security option if they feel the internet connection may be accessible by some third parties.

The encrypted version can be accessed just by adding a simple ‘s’ to the web address which takes the users to However, national portals like are not yet available in the encrypted form.

Google had announced the plan to launch an encrypted search engine last week. When the data is encrypted between a user's computer and Google's servers, it becomes impossible for any third party to tap search terms or results.

This venture is Google’s latest services to be treated to additional privacy that follows the Gmail encryption by default.

Now, users can distinguish between the standard and the encrypted sites just by the presence of a padlock symbol at the Google logo’s right part.

Google Places Introduces Some New Tools For Localized Search Engine Marketing

Google re branded its Local Business Center service and has relaunched it as Google Places, boasting new features and also a new name. Search engine marketing may have been its biggest application on the ‘World’ wide web but for various businesses, the local market is the main focus. Besides from targeting geographic locations and keywords as a part of the overall search optimization (SEO) strategy or focusing PPC ad campaigns by Geo-targeting data, all kinds of businesses – from service providers to retail shops – who rely upon the local market are able to make use of Google’s ability to deliver related results to the users based on more than just the keywords in their query.

Last year, Google had expanded its Maps service – an important part of localized search engine marketing – with the Place Pages feature. By aggregating information related to the businesses listed on Google, automatic content generation algorithms create pages contained a variety of data from across the web. As … – Search Engine For Executing Split Searches

Now a search engine has emerged, which promises to be one of a different kind. What it actually does is to split the searches made on any supported sites in two. This way users cab see the search results on the left and the actual pages for the searches on the right side of the screen. The links of the sites are featured on the left and when you click on them, the corresponding page will open to take a closer look on them.

Google, YouTube and Amazon are the three sites, which are search able in this method. This site eliminates the whole process of going back and forth in the browser to explore the potential links. This method also helps you to stop losing out the original search pages from the sight. This are few of the advantages that this site offers.

Google Testing Waters For Safer Encrypted Web Search

Possibly due to the growing privacy and security and security reasons being faced by Facebook lately, Google was quick enough to implement measures to avoid same kind issues. Google is presently testing a new encrypted interface for its web search. You can now test Google’s encrypted web search by simply going to instead of the usual

According to Google, when you perform search on, an encrypted and secured channel is created between Google and your browser. This will protect your search terms and search results pages from being intercepted by any third party on your network. To see the difference of encrypted search with the regular Google web search, you’d see that encrypted search has a modified logo, the one with a locked icon that signify that you are searching using SSL

Coming to search results, Google’s encrypted search is somewhat limited also as it does not include the usual Google web search products. Image …

Does Search Happens Only On Search Engines

It seems net searchers are getting smarter day by day. They just don’t limit their searches on the search engines. They have started taking different search options.

Though it is not the trend that users would directly go to the site to buy something. This has happen only some few times when they know the brand of the company. Now, since we are interacting online more than before that searchers have become more smarter than before.

To make purchase, it takes place only when they perform a keyword search. Now, searchers are using Facebook, Twitters review and price comparison sites for information to help them make the right decision.

In recent study, it shows that 16 and up adults who make recent purchase, about 31% used comparison sites, retailers sites and other websites when they research products before purchasing and only 25% used the search engines. For search engine optimization experts, it seems they need an innovative approach now.

Remarkably, Google has simulated all within i…

Now Google has unveiled Net storage utility

Google had launched an Internet-based storage system. It seems that they are now a direct competitor to the widely used service of

With the better established Amazon Web Services (AWS) option known as Simple Storage Service (S3), Google storage provides Developers a mechanism to tap the data that Google houses and keeps safe as well as accessible.

This service has been designed to provide low level access to the information that is stored on the Net. Web applications and websites can tap into the data as required. However, Google will charge through a utility computing model, which means customers have to pay more if they use more.

Google had announced this new service in middle of its blog post Wednesday.

This service is though open by invitation to a limited number of developers in US only. The early testers will get a data storage capacity of 100 gigabytes (GB) and about 300 GB each month in data-transfer bandwidth.

With Amazon's S3, there will be fees. Per GB per month…

Top keyword tools for PPC marketing

If you are an online marketing looking for generating important keywords, now you can enjoy some of the best tools in your business.

If you think there are few limited tools for keyword research then dream on. There are literally hundreds of applications that are coming out every day with new keyword phrases in order to improve the effectiveness of a Pay Per Click campaign.

Here are some of the best keyword tools which you can try out:

Big daddy, Google's External Keyword Tool, comes directly from the "belly of the beast" dominating the search engine market.

Search-based Keyword Tool, another one of Google’s application, generates ideas for keyword phrases by using the actual queries that are searched into its main site. It is then matched to the specific website pages.

Ad Words Wrapper, Google’s of course, takes a list of existing phrases and generates a combination of exact matches, phrase and exact matches, broad, phrase and exact matches only.

Ad Center Labs, which belongs…

Now Google Wave Available For Everyone

Google has removed the exclusivity of Google Wave and has just made it available to everyone. So,from now onwards, you can just go to and start to use Google Wave. Now no more waiting and hunting for that “precious” Google Wave invite folks. Everyone can now make use Google Wave for free. The question is, are people still interested with Google Wave?

It took almost six months before Google finally decided to release Google Wave for public consumption and now it is part of Google Labs. In addition, Google is also making Google Wave available to those who have Google Apps account at no extra costs. Google Apps administrator can easily allow Google Wave for all their users.

The official blog of Google also says that Google Wave is now much stable and faster than it was six months ago. And there are some useful new features that were introduced as well during the past six months that includes – email notifications when wave changes, easier navigation to unread parts of a wav…

One Way And Reciprocal Link Building

Besides content and keywords, link is counted as the next holy grail of search engine optimization. Links can come in any shapes and sizes. To create link, it takes a little time and you can adopt any way among many for it. It is an misconception to think that only industry leading websites can see good results.

Two effective ways of link building are briefly discussed here:

One Way Links: One way link points only to your website. To make one link building, you can take the help of your social profile, an article or a press release, blog comment, blog post, directory, social networking etc as natural type of one way link source.

If you don’t link back to them then it would be a one way link. The important point about one way link building is that relevant link building is marketing. It helps in building your brand and reputation in the eyes of the search engines and your visitors. You should keep it in mind hat while building a link, it should work potentially in generating visitors to …

Mobile Search Engine Marketing

With the rise of global mobile advertising from the past few years, it has extremely become important for e-marketers to understand the how to utilize this platform for effective marketing or business promotion campaigns.

Mobile ads campaign works just the same as PPC management services but they do have some vital differences.

First, talking about the user intent, mobile searchers usually look for products or information that they can quickly consume such as music download, location of a cafe or restaurant rather than those items that usually has a lengthen contents or info.

Another important difference is the search queries length. Mobile searchers use short phrases. If marketers are looking look for keywords, they should target short keyword phrases that the phone users would type easily.

Another thing that most marketers should remember is that in mobile websites, the space for ads is very limited and they should try to put the brands on the top positions if they want the messages t…

Yahoo Buys Freelance Content Site, Associated Content

So when Google was busy trying to buy VOIP solutions provider, Yahoo on the other side was busy signing a definitive agreement to buy Associated Content. Associated Content is a freelance content generation site that is powered by around 380,000 freelance contributors.

Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz names the deal as a game changer:

“Together, we’ll create more content around what we know our users care about, and open up new and creative avenues for advertisers to engage with consumers across our network. These are important aspects of building engaging consumer experiences on Yahoo!, and one of the reasons why we’re one of the most visited destinations online.”

In addition Yahoo hopes to boost its social,local, mobile and media offerings by acquiring Associated Content and its rich and varied content on various topics.

Of course, when looking at a different angle, this would mean more advertising space for Yahoo advertisers offering advertisers more opportunities to have engage groups of consum…

Google Has A New Look

When you are an avid Google searcher, you come to know what changes they are making. This time, Google has a new avatar. They have recently changed their looks, which is of course great. Ok, this news is two days late but hey, it’s the latest buzz so why miss it.

A lot of people noticed the new looks that Google search engine has now. But, is it going to last? As we could remember in the past that there were some changes in Google search page, but they did restart to the older look all over again. Hope this time Google is going for it.

The new changes that they have made is to make their search results support the expanding needs of their users. They have added a left hand navigation with a quick access to the relevant tools and options. In this left hand navigation, you could just go directly to what you are searching for.

It is easy to get the type of search you want. Any user can filter the results now. Whether you want to switch your search to news, images or blogs, you could do it. …

Google Decides To Stop Selling Nexus One Online

Five months after it started selling Nexus One through its online store, either Google has now realized that this is probably not the best way for distribution of its smartphone or the smartphone is not selling at all. So, Google just made an announcement that it will now not sell Nexus One on its web store. No, Google is not leaving the Nexus One, but will just make use of other ways to distribute the phone. You know? The way Apple is selling the iPhone or any other Android phones which are being release through mobile carrier retailing.

The Official Google Blog says:

"While the global adoption of the Android platform has exceeded our expectations, the web store has not. It’s remained a niche channel for early adopters, but it’s clear that many customers like a hands-on experience before buying a phone, and they also want a wide range of service plans to chose from."

With this, Google is now implementing the following changes:

More retail availability : As they make Nexus One …

Google Page Rank Calculation

The calculation of Google Page Rank of any website depends on the counting of each incoming link to the site as a vote. For instance, if one website has an outgoing link to another one, then Google accepts that link as a vote for that another site. Simply it can be said if someone commends a reputable company to his friend, then the recommendation make the friend more confident.

Though it happens like it, still Google doesn't solely depend on the pure count of the links coming to the site in order to calculate the Page Rank. There are search engine robots that analyze the page linking of any website well. If the linking page is more relevant to the entered keywords, Google will give higher importance to that page. So, It is very important to keep this point in mind when you are planning to get one way links to your site. The below points are important as Google takes into account at the time of analyzing the linking page:

• The Page Rank of the linking page

• The linking pa…

Now Google Search Provides Factual Results And Also Something Different

Google now has rolled out two new search features that both offer relevant results for factual search and also additional search results refinement that offer “something different” from the main search results. These two new search features are by-products of Google Squared technology that Google has been taking full advantage of recently.

The new search feature provides factual and simple answers to search queries that are meant to yield such kind of results. It is like making Google as a ready-reference tool which is available anytime. Search answers or results to these kinds of queries are accurate and are from sources which Google has filtered to be reliable and accurate sources of information. You can see these simple and factual answers appear right at the top of your search results pages.

The other search feature is what Google calls as “something different.” If you search suggestion whereby Google suggests search queries that you might use while typing your search, “something …

Google to offer encrypted search soon

Marissa Mayer, the vice president of user experience and search products at Google, had given a hint that a new encrypted search was on the way soon. But now, they seem to think it is wise they could hustle up a bit after the revelation that the Internet usage data from the Wi-Fi hot spots has been improperly collected as part of the Google Street View program.

Posted in Google’s official blog, they said, "Earlier this year, we encrypted Gmail for all our users, and next week we will start offering an encrypted version of Google Search,". The encryption happened in response to the hacking incidents in Gmail accounts prompting to move the Chinese language search operation to Hong Kong from Beijing.

Google has told people to watch the space when it came to the encrypted search. They, however, had declined to comment on how the encrypted search feature is going to work.

The Gmail traffic was encrypted using HTTPS by default this January after it got an offer as an option since mid…

Keyword, Optimization and Link Building

Among many, keyword analysis, page optimization and link building have played crucial role in getting top search engine ranking. Know about these three factors before going for your website optimization:

Keyword: Keywords are taken to be the most effective point of a website to get search engines’ page rank. Keyword density checker creeps to the specified URL to get the text as a search engine. Then it displays the density of keywords removing the common stop words. When searching for keyword analysis, take the help of the SEO company that uses advanced tools to research high-traffic phrases for your site. They will tell you how many times a phrase is used and evaluate how difficult it will be to achieve high rankings.Optimization: Optimization of a website makes it comply with the top-quality of every function of a website. An effective SEO service can optimize your website for the search engines which in fact make your website visited by the visitors and ultimately by your targeted…

Questions about search engine marketing alliance answered by Yahoo

A number of questions about the advertisers regarding the changes that might occur once the Yahoo! Search Alliance with Microsoft have been answered by Yahoo!

The deal which the Yahoo!’s algorithmic as well as pay per click management services integrating into Microsoft's ad Center service will be seen. The project was given a thumb’s up by the US and European competition regulators in Feb.

The company has announced that all Yahoo! Sponsored Search will be withdrawn once the Search Alliance is accepted and marketers are expected will be given distribution controls that allow to select traffic from Yahoo! and Bing’s full affiliate network or combined marketplace.

Unfortunately for those running PPC campaigns, the company said that they won’t be able to collect traffic from only one of the search engines.

The two giant companies will together review "discrepancies" in the editorial policies.

All Yahoo! and Microsoft search advertising customers are likely to transferred to th…

Google To Offer Internet On Your Television

Google is now set to move into your living room with a computer operating system that will bring the internet to home televisions.

The company is working with the electronics giant, chip maker Intel and Sony, to introduce Google TV this week at a conference for 3,000 Google software developers in San Francisco. The main purpose is to get them to create new and innovative applications in the similar way that outside developers have created new software programs for smart phones. The system will be based on its Android platform, which was developed 18 months ago for mobile phones. There are more than 50,000 applications available for Android.

The aim now is to put the web on to televisions through a new generation of TV sets and set-top boxes, further blurring the line between home entertainment and computing. The partners are developing technology which will make it as easy for television users to search the web as for computer users, with access to social networks such as Facebook or Tw…

Facebook - The Biggest Display Ads Publisher On The Net

It seems Facebook is enjoying its status as the number one spot as the biggest display ads publisher on the internet amidst all the controversies it has been facing since long time back.

Facebook is no stranger to the controversies but they can have a moment of peace and enjoy the happy moment now.

Over the first quarter, Facebook had carried about 176.3 billion display ads on its site. That translates into 16.2% market share as the demand from advertisers has been rising in the first 3 months of the year. Yahoo displayed about 131.6 billion banner ads and Microsoft came with 60.2 billion. The data however excluded the ads delivered to third-party websites by Yahoo! and Microsoft through their networks.

So, if you want to advertise your ads, you might want to go and visit Facebook.

Yahoo Is Planning To Open- Source All Its Internal Cloud Serving Platforms

Yahoo plans to make some changes to its cloud serving programs by placing all of them into open-source by early next year. Yahoo has this service which is simply called “Cloud” that can be described as a cross-breed of Google App Engine and Amazon’s Elastic Compute Cloud.

Yahoo Cloud is an computing infrastructure that service all online applications of Yahoo and offers Yahoo’s internal developers with on-demand access to Yahoo’s computing resources. Unlike Amazon’s EC2, Yahoo Cloud frees developers of load-balancing task by spinning up the “containers” of server power which are pre- configured for security and load-balancing.

Additionally, Yahoo is also plans to open-source all of its back-end platforms by early 2011. This will place Yahoo on a different note with Google which keeps its custom-built back-end platform to itself and Amazon’s EC2 . Yahoo previously has put its Hadoop distributed number crunching which it used for search web maps and other tasks also as its Traffic server…

Hire SEO Services For Your Online Business Website Success

Internet is now the best way to promote business. Creating websites for global recognition has gained enough of popularity, but also only creating simply a website is not enough. Today almost every business organizations and firms are creating their own website which leads to huge competition. So,here the key question is – what is unlikely about your site that can get maximum business or bring huge web traffic to your website? In that case if you are looking for an answer then you must note that it’s all about internet marketing. When your web or graphic designing is done, then the last things that remain is ‘internet marketing‘.

Website marketing today is used as one of the most prominent tool, there are various Search Engine Optimization services available in the market, which are helpful in marketing very effectively. SEO companies’ services are the most looked for services in the online business market. You may hire a website promotion services which clearly understand your goals …

Yahoo Search Gaining On Google But Google Still retaining the dominance

According to the com Score analysis of online search in USA, Yahoo! gained almost a percentage point on Google this April. Despite this, Google still is dominating over the entire market with a high percentage of 64.4 market share of the web search market.

On the other hand Microsoft has gained slightly with it’s market share growing from 11.7% in March to 11.8% in April. It seems the introduction of the new site navigation in both Yahoo! and Microsoft sites have trigger the gain. The features provide user search results as they navigate through the topical content.

According to the online metrics researcher, in April the Americans conducted 15.5 billion core searches and about 10 billion has been accounted by Google. Yahoo users carried out 2.7 billion searches and Microsoft searchers carried out 1.8 billion searches.

In the survey, results for searchers that are made by online companies whose business depends on the search technology. eBay scored 6.4 million searches but it is down 4% …

Google’s Virtual Keyword – It made search easier

It has been quite tough to make a search if you are using Google's non Latin language search interface; say – Russian or Arabic. As a major victory for this issue is that Google has now introduced Virtual Keyword that solves the major problem here.

Virtual Keyword concept is already live and people have started using it in full fledged and is now a successful concept. We use virtual keyboards in our websites and Google have discovered it for its own search engine.

What we normally used to do is to copy and paste the content / words in any translator tool and then derive the exact meaning of those words. But now, as an advantage of this drawback; we can use virtual keyboard which is popularly called onscreen keyboards.

In present situation; Google is supporting 35 languages for this virtual keyboard concept.

This Virtual Keyboard API allows us to search things in a precise ways, despite of the language keys that we have on our physical keyboards. It is definitely going to be a boon for…

Is Google’s new look affecting the page rank

A lot of minor changes keep on happening in the web world. Not that people would catch the attention that easily but when the changes has been made by a giant like Google, it’s catching the eye of millions of people.

Speaking of the goal set by Google about enhancing their search engine to meet the expanding demands of the users, they are sure keeping their words. They have now got a new look that would possible enhance the search query. The theory behind the new change is to keep the main search tool as quick yet simple for every search, while reducing the time.

The new look on the left navigation menu sure is a hot deal but a big concern that most search engine optimization experts have on their mind is whether the change will affect a site’s ranking result. Definitely! As this is related algorithm change, the search engine optimization industry need to act fast.

Google’s new look is a big chance but it is not the first they have done so. Now, SEO experts are on their favorite track n…

At Google's Expense-ComScore, Yahoo Gains Search Market Share

In April Yahoo Inc.(YHOO) increased its share of the Internet search market as compared with the previous month, mostly at the expense of sector giant Google Inc. (GOOG).

Based on the monthly data from com Score Inc. (SCOR), Google remained as the market leader by a wide margin, powering about 64% of U.S searches. But it share went down to 0.7 percentage point since March, while that of Yahoo rose upto 0.8 point to 17.7%. Microsoft Corp (MSFT) increased its share of searches by 0.1 point to 11.8 %.

Yahoo has posted share gains as it starts to reap its reward from search pact with Microsoft.

In the first quarter, Yahoo launched, 10-year revenue-sharing partnership. Under the pact made, Microsoft's Bing will power searches on Yahoo's Web properties. And the Bing engine started chipping away at Google's board lead after a launch last summer.

Ask Network, owned by IAC/Interactive Corp. (IAC)captured 3.7% , followed by AOL Inc.(AOL) at 2.4 % both were down 0.1 point.

Is Google Looking For Social -Media Leader

Google may be looking for someone outside the company who can head its social-media strategy, almost five months after it had pushed the dislike button.

GigaOm reported on Monday that Google has hooked up with the recruiting firm to find a candidate who can be “head of social” at the company. This move, which was not explicitly conformed by Google, would come after Google shook up its lackluster social-media strategy in late 2009 with a series of hires for a new "Social Web Team".

The struggle of Google with social media are documented probably well documented at this point-not that it has affected the bottom line. Still, Google understands it needs to get going as the social Web evolves without as much impact from Google as the leaders of the company would like.

In response to an inquiry done,representative of a company walked right down the middle of the road saying: "We're continuing to invest heavily in people and are recruiting top talent in all areas of the comp…

Boost Your Search Engine Optimization Tactics

To dominate the realms of the internet, you need a more aggressive search engine optimization approach than before. Most of the cookie cutter SEO approach today seems out of form. The online marketing now needs a fresh approach.

Whether it’s for better or for worse you need to try some new search engine optimization methods. The competition online is getting greater day by day and you need more innovative methods to stand out in the specific market place.

If you are looking for some new SEO methods, here are some of the ways which you can take:

Meta Tags: In the world of search engine optimization, meta tags are nothing new. But unbelievably, most website today only use only 30 to 60 recommended characters and in those a good portion of the characters are the company names. Though meta tag only do not boost but it is use to guide a site to the direction which the users want to go. It is important to give a strong emphasis on the meta information to make sure the users gets where they wa…

SEO is still Alive

With lots of speculations about the death of search engine optimization in few years, now it seems that those people were too quick to make those suggestions.

So, do you think that SEO is death yet? Definitely not! The SEO service tactics of course have been changing but you just can’t kill off SEO yet.

As long as the search engines are alive and as long as users are using it, search engine optimization is still on. Since, the nature of search engine optimization is dynamic, it’s method will keep on changing to adapt to the changes happening with the latest trend. However, it’s end goal will always remain the same that is to match the searchers with the needs they have.

Search engine optimization is certainly dead but there is a constant development process taking place in which the search engines are striving hard to provide the most useful information to the online users.

Google Suggest Is Now More Local And Better With Spelling

Google has just started out two nifty features of its Google Suggest service as a more localized search suggest which boils down to metro areas and an auto-correction of the spellings for name search. These is the two new features whose aim is to give you a faster search experience when typing your search keywords also lessen the amount of time you devote typing these searches.

The feature, localization is actually a spin-off of previous Google Suggest feature which was first limited to country searches. The new Google Suggest local feature was tailored to certain areas in U.S. This means that while typing in a specific keyword Google search quickly analyzes your search term based on your location.

The another new feature of Google Suggest is related to spelling enhancements. Therefore when you are searching for a general term such as “composer” Google will show various search suggestion that includes the name of the composer. Generally, this new feature makes use of the concept that t…

Google Displays Pages Similar To Search Results

Google newly has launched a new search feature that aims to help you easily find new sites that are similar to the ones you are familiar with and are also related to the subject that interest you, specifically for your current search session.

“Pages similar ”, is the new feature makes the Google search feature “similar” more visible and prominent on your search results. You can find a box right below the search results page which contains list of links that point to, well pages that are similar to the current search results that Google has produced for your search terms.

The links that listed on this Pages similar box are the alternative websites that you won’t normally check they don’t directly answer your search query but then again the website may contain contents that would otherwise be useful to your current search.

The links that listed on this Pages similar box are the alternative websites that you won’t normally check they don’t directly answer your search query but then again t…

Do Flash and SEO Really Mix Well

The relationship between SEO and Flash has always been quite misunderstood. Many think that a website made in Flash is invisible to the search engines. Presumption made are that it’s because of the patented code and rich content it offers that major search engines view Flash content as an empty hole.

While some people may see this but the fact is that search engines have been indexing Flash content and listing websites in the result pages for many years. Most part the search engine crawlers can see what the visitors can see. Crawlers can generally explore the site as real visitors do.

But, the real question is how you can increase the chances of getting ranking for Flash content.

Use Text - You can always use text rather than an image in the Flash site. A crawler cannot read the words in the image and if you have imported a graphic containing Keywords relevant to the page it’s better you supplement the image with descriptive captions below it or swap it completely for static text.

Do not…

Keywords are Not Just for SEO Anymore

If you really think about the real essence of search engine optimization, then it is being found. Appropriate keywords are used in contents in hope to rank well in the search engines. However, ranking is not really the main goal but to be found is the one.

When we use the most effective keywords or phrases we use in the content will make the information that we share more easier to be found not only through the search engines but also from everywhere.

Even in circumstances where ranking is not the issue, to use effective keywords can help anyone to grab user's attention when they scan, use their browser's find functionality to search for something on a web-page or when they scan through titles and headlines.

Here are some places to start to use keywords better:

Twitter – Here you can use meaningful and effective keywords when you tweet. Not only does the real time search become bigger but since there are so many people tweeting, using meaningful keywords can help to draw attention…

Optimize websites with these SEO tools

If you are not aware of what your site’s position is on the web, it is quite impossible to improve its ranking. There are some tools that might help you out to find the status of your website giving you different types of clues to improve your site’s ranking. Some of the clues you can get are: structure of a site that can be defined in the SE spider readable format, a site’s current situation on the web, search queries and main keywords having an impression on the search engines,page errors that include duplicate tags, click-through statistics, links (both external and internal), global and local traffic ranking and many more.

Search engine optimization will be effective if you know the correct method. In many SEO services, it is crucial you use the tools that will propel your strategy and give you result. So what tools can you really use to improve your site’s ranking? Here are some of the most useful ones.

Google Analytics - This gives a detailed information about the clicks that com…