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Google’s Virtual Keyword – It made search easier

It has been quite tough to make a search if you are using Google's non Latin language search interface; say – Russian or Arabic. As a major victory for this issue is that Google has now introduced Virtual Keyword that solves the major problem here.

Virtual Keyword concept is already live and people have started using it in full fledged and is now a successful concept. We use virtual keyboards in our websites and Google have discovered it for its own search engine.

What we normally used to do is to copy and paste the content / words in any translator tool and then derive the exact meaning of those words. But now, as an advantage of this drawback; we can use virtual keyboard which is popularly called onscreen keyboards.

In present situation; Google is supporting 35 languages for this virtual keyboard concept.

This Virtual Keyboard API allows us to search things in a precise ways, despite of the language keys that we have on our physical keyboards. It is definitely going to be a boon for the people who are used to too many non-Latin languages and requires special characters like Thai, Russian, Arabic, Turkish etc….

One of the nicest things that you will notice about this is that; on clicking the Virtual Keyboard Icon on your Google search bar; which displays next to search icon – you can even use your keyboard for typing or the virtual one. The relevant / corresponding key in the virtual keyboard will be entered in the search box and not the characters you type in your usual keyboards.

Now no more copy-paste craps and wasting time on that, start using virtual keyboards of Google and save your time, and efforts in translating the words.