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At Google's Expense-ComScore, Yahoo Gains Search Market Share

At Google's Expense-ComScore, Yahoo Gains Search Market Share
In April Yahoo Inc.(YHOO) increased its share of the Internet search market as compared with the previous month, mostly at the expense of sector giant Google Inc. (GOOG).

Based on the monthly data from com Score Inc. (SCOR), Google remained as the market leader by a wide margin, powering about 64% of U.S searches. But it share went down to 0.7 percentage point since March, while that of Yahoo rose upto 0.8 point to 17.7%. Microsoft Corp (MSFT) increased its share of searches by 0.1 point to 11.8 %.

Yahoo has posted share gains as it starts to reap its reward from search pact with Microsoft.

In the first quarter, Yahoo launched, 10-year revenue-sharing partnership. Under the pact made, Microsoft's Bing will power searches on Yahoo's Web properties. And the Bing engine started chipping away at Google's board lead after a launch last summer.

Ask Network, owned by IAC/Interactive Corp. (IAC)captured 3.7% , followed by AOL Inc.(AOL) at 2.4 % both were down 0.1 point.