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Google search expands to 39 languages

If you don’t know English you will not be in a position to read this but Google insights for search have added 39 languages which allow access to the tool for various languages. The search includes Bulgarian, Catalan, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English and various others. Last August Google launched Google Insights for Search which showed that the stats on keyword you entered include Google Trends.

Google is also adding up feature to make Insight for search. This is a new forecasting feature which would make predictions based on historical data and search patterns. A new feature would be using of animated map which allows one to view a search term which makes trend over time across various locations. To view this one should look for the “View Change Over Time” link included under the map.

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Search Engines Got Their Eyes on You

Choose the keywords, position them the right way, and let the search engines get their eyes on your site. Are you still wondering how the visitors search for web pages? It is simple. The readers too are going to think of words like you do.

For instance, you own a website that deals with flowers. Then you need to think of words or phrases that the visitors might type in at the search box. In this case, you might consider targeting business keywords like local florist, online florist, wedding flowers, florist prom, and so on. If you target the keywords well then, your site is going to get listed at the top search result. Thus, when the visitor types in any of the targeted keyword, he / she are going to click on your site, it being at the top.

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Wordpress Amazing Lessons

As everyone knows WordPress is one of the best used blogging software. These features can be more useful if one follows some amazing lessons which have been described below:
Build a widget with new widget API WordPress 2.8: For this one needs to install a widget API called as wpengineer. If one does not know how to install widget it can be done explained and it is a very simple procedure to understand.Guide to creating widgets in WordPress 2.8: To know this particular thing one needs to just have a tadlock which is a guide for creating widgets in WordPress 2.8.WordPress Widget API: This wordpress widget API is different but easy to understand with hello world class.Custom Taxonomies in WordPress 2.8: This feature can be learnt through using justin tadlock which is one of the best features in wordpress 2.8.WordPress 2.8 and body class features: This feature tutorial is provided by Nathan Rice along with body_class() function. In this feature only local features are allowed which inclu…