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Reasons For Why Your Google Web Page Ranking Fluctuates

There may be times when you might wonder why your websites appear on the first pages of Google but they disappear after few days. Based on the experience of on search engine optimizer here are few reasons that will tell you why these web pages encounter these drastic ranking changes.

• The first reason would be because your website is very new. If you just created your website and put it online last week, you may be able to see your web page ranks on the very first page of Google for your keywords. However, the ranking disappears after few days. By some people this is called Google Ranking Bounce. Do not worry because this happens to new sites, your ranking will come back once your website stabilizes.

• Second reason is the frequency of fresh incoming links. If there are no incoming links that point to your web page then you will find a drop in your rankings in Google. Search engines like fresh incoming links and this is one way to make sure that your site is still fresh and there…

Google Can Figure Your Error Pages Faster with 410 Status Code

To deal with the error pages which might keep Googlebot wondering what to do (and to waste Googlebot’s time is not a good idea for your site Google crawl rate) is an often discussed issue.

The problem is that we cannot do without them because these error pages always occur during the life of any website. It is like some type of illness, all people get ill after some time. And Google is not always very quick to figure the problem for the clear reason:

Google never gets sure if you seriously want to remove the page. Therefore, it will try to crawl it again and again in a hope that you would change your mind and get it back. This can take its time and also will make it check fewer pages of your site.

Now this is good news actually; you can easily make understand Google to that you really want to drop the page out and not waste your precious time on it. John Mueller of Google made a post on Google’s Help forum which says that to make the page faster and more stable you can use status code of…

Battle for Users via Free Wi-Fi by the Search Engines

In this coming holiday season, the order of the business for three of the major search engine is none other than Free Wi-Fi Internet access. Google, Yahoo and Microsoft have recently announced their individual’s strategy in providing free Internet access in various places. For both Google and Yahoo, it is a totally free Internet access whereas Microsoft will be offering it with a little catch.

Starting from today Yahoo will be providing free Wi-Fi in Times Square and will last until next year. This is among the part of Yahoo’s campaign to be at the center of people’s online lives.

Google on the other side earlier announced that during the entire holiday season it will be offering free Wi-Fi Internet access on every flights of Virgin America. And most interestingly, Google’s promo starts today.

Now, here is another deal-Microsoft is also offering free Wi-Fi Internet access at some participating hot spots that are designated by both Microsoft and its partner in this endeavor, JiWire mobile…

Do you want to get to the Google’s Top Spot

Reaching a top spot in Google or any other search engine is important in gaining targeted traffic to your site. One way to get to the top position is through the amount of backlinks you have pointing to your site. Every time a site link back to you, Google finds your site much more valuable, therefore you can say large amounts of backlinks is the key to gaining top position in Google.

There are ways to get quality backlinks if you put little time for achieving it.

• Blog Commenting- By commenting on the other people’s blogs is a great way for getting backlinks to your site. If you are offering valuable information in you comment, then your comment should get approved. Each comment approved is another backlink for your site. However, you should try commenting on high rankings blogs.

• Forum Signatures- Register with the forums that are of some relevance to your site and then add your URL in the signature section. You do not want to blindly advertise your link in the forum or you mig…

Google Tests A New AdSense Interface

Google has announced the beta testing of a new AdSense interface today. It is being tested with small group of publishers.Google says the design of new interface was based on the top three requests from the users.

1. Provide with insights to help you make more informed decisions about your sites.

2. To offer you more control over the ads that appear on your sites.

3. To help you manage your account more efficiently.

AdSense publishers with the new interface can now get more detailed performance reports that let them view daily stats in graphical formats. In addition to that, it provides metrics like amount you have earned from various ads, targeting and bid types.

This new interface includes some new improvements to the Ad Review Center that will be giving users more options to manage ads that appears on their sites, and offers what Google says is cleaner interface that will make it easier to find and review them within the Ad Review Center.

We have streamlined the AdSense interfa…

Recent Changes in Google Can Affect Your Site Ranking

The SEO community seems to in minor shock as there are quite some changes within the Google’s organic keyword rankings. Google undergoes a drastic algorithm change every couple of years or so. So, why is it a matter to worry for the SEO community? The fact is these changes in the Google algorithm might affect the search engine optimization strategies of a large number of websites. Most of the time, the changes affects the website in a negative way often dropping the page rank.

The search engines move in an unpredictable manner. You will never know what they will do next. Especially with Google, the changes seem to be happening frequent and few more changes within the next two or three years are likely to happen. When the changes happen, many sites will fall in the ranking. So, how can you prevent this from happening?

There are lots of SEO strategies and it will be best if you could focus on more than just one. Search engine optimization techniques are growing with each changes but the b…

Some Of The Best Google Tools For Internet Marketers

For a successful online marketing, technology is an important component where marketers depend on marketing tools in order to plan, implement and determine websites and campaigns. Google has some free tools to help internet marketers. Here are some tools listed for marketers who have a limited budget and those who don’t need more advanced features.

Ad Planner:

This tool is useful for planning an ad strategy. It can also gain valuable insights how you can get better target and meet the requirements of the website visitors. You can add some parameters describing the site audiences and it will provide a list of the websites that the visitors mostly visit. You can study those websites and analyze why they have that you don’t for the users.

Webmaster Tools

This tool contributes an important part for any marketing strategy depending on the search engines. Webmaster tool is specified for Google’s search engine but it can provide the feedback and overview will also help you to optimize your site …

How to get a good SEO services?

These days’ online marketers are now much more informed about SEO than ever before. Search Engine Optimization service is not a secret anymore. It can be done by any web developer today. The important fact is how to get right SEO services for a proper optimization. By reading the tips given below will help you solve your problem of how to get a good SEO service.

Be aware of the exaggerated claims of the SEO service which you choose. Getting your website to the first page of Google can happen in less than a week, but think well if it is helping your business or not. For example, targeting on not so popular keyword with little or may be no competition means that you may get to number one in Google but on the other side you may not have traffic for your website, so why to bother for such services?
Make sure that you completely understand what you are going to get for your money from the SEO services you choose. Make them give the process of the service in writing, preferably in a laid out …

How to Gain Blog Traffic?

Search Engine Optimization services can prove very useful for your blogs and websites. A blog that has a good SEO has a good chance of achieving a high index with Google. Your blog on the Google will greatly increase your blog traffic. Here are some points which will help you in increasing SEO for your blog.

Quality Content- Writing good content will make Google and other search engines know your originality. While writing posts for your blog make sure that they are original and are well thought out. It is recommended to write new post every day. This gives your blog some consistency and tells the viewers that you are committed to your blog.
Post Title is important: The post title of the blog is very important. It is the very first thing that Google will notice when it crawls your blog. A relevant keyword rich title will increase the chances that the Google will index it for the keywords you are looking for.
Meta Tags: Meta Tags shows what is your blog all about. Though these Meta tags a…

SEO Services In India: A Growing Scope

Search Engine Optimization services in India are the services which help in improving the visibility on the World Wide Web. Having a good visibility over the internet is very much important especially for the online business. If a commercial website does not receive good number of potential traffic, it will mean that it will have no customers and therefore there are no sales. In short the website fails to fulfill the objective of online business.

By hiring SEO optimization services in India from a reliable company, business owners will be able to improve visibility of their websites, draw in volumes of targeted traffic, will generate more number of queries and then transform them into potential business leads and grow even in competitive market.

When the SEO services were launched for the first time, not all business and website owners were aware of these services and in what ways these services prove to be useful. However, with constant growing competition in the market and the increas…

Google search expands to 39 languages

If you don’t know English you will not be in a position to read this but Google insights for search have added 39 languages which allow access to the tool for various languages. The search includes Bulgarian, Catalan, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Danish, Dutch, English and various others. Last August Google launched Google Insights for Search which showed that the stats on keyword you entered include Google Trends.

Google is also adding up feature to make Insight for search. This is a new forecasting feature which would make predictions based on historical data and search patterns. A new feature would be using of animated map which allows one to view a search term which makes trend over time across various locations. To view this one should look for the “View Change Over Time” link included under the map.

Anuvatech | Offer Professional SEO Services, Search Engine Marketing Services. Get Search Engine Optimization Services at affordable rates from effective organic SEO Servic…

Search Engines Got Their Eyes on You

Choose the keywords, position them the right way, and let the search engines get their eyes on your site. Are you still wondering how the visitors search for web pages? It is simple. The readers too are going to think of words like you do.

For instance, you own a website that deals with flowers. Then you need to think of words or phrases that the visitors might type in at the search box. In this case, you might consider targeting business keywords like local florist, online florist, wedding flowers, florist prom, and so on. If you target the keywords well then, your site is going to get listed at the top search result. Thus, when the visitor types in any of the targeted keyword, he / she are going to click on your site, it being at the top.

Targeting different keywords that are in relevance with the content is considered ideal. It is not necessary the keywords should remain the same for every web page of your website. The keywords can differ from one web page to another. If one page dea…

Wordpress Amazing Lessons

As everyone knows WordPress is one of the best used blogging software. These features can be more useful if one follows some amazing lessons which have been described below:
Build a widget with new widget API WordPress 2.8: For this one needs to install a widget API called as wpengineer. If one does not know how to install widget it can be done explained and it is a very simple procedure to understand.Guide to creating widgets in WordPress 2.8: To know this particular thing one needs to just have a tadlock which is a guide for creating widgets in WordPress 2.8.WordPress Widget API: This wordpress widget API is different but easy to understand with hello world class.Custom Taxonomies in WordPress 2.8: This feature can be learnt through using justin tadlock which is one of the best features in wordpress 2.8.WordPress 2.8 and body class features: This feature tutorial is provided by Nathan Rice along with body_class() function. In this feature only local features are allowed which inclu…

Wordpress SEO | Ways To Keep Wordpress Run Smoothly

If you are aware of WordPress, you must know that there are some problems which arise using WordPress blogging software. There are some basic steps to ensure that wordpress is running smoothly.
Some of which have been described below:

Choosing a Host Intelligently: It is generally very nice to go for a shared plan, but one must always remember what they are going to pay up for such a plan. Initially this plan is good but once the site gets popular you should upgrade it to virtual private network. Such plans often give good up times along with good performance.Fight Spams Using Plugins: The most popular plugin of WordPress is Akismet which is used to prevent spams. One can always supplement Akismet with installation of Simple TrackBack validation. With the new generation spammers coming up the tools for stopping that are also coming up as and when required.Back Up: One should always back up the data of WordPress blog. In case of failure of lost files, database corruption and plugin …

Can I Get Ranked At Search Engines?

Are you lately worried about why your website is not getting listed at the search engines? Are you thinking of way by which you can probably drive more traffic to your website?

Most of the website owners are concerned about their website rankings at the top search engines. Landing on the very first page has become a common goal for most. Everyone is trying hard to get the websites at the major search engines and get higher ranking, in order to land on first page. However, some are having trouble getting a high ranking and landing on first page. The best part is that these failed website owners have no clue at all, for why their site is not showing up any of the major search engines like Google, MSN or Yahoo. Can one possibly do something to change this or it is a sheer matter of luck?

Yes, you can certainly do something to get your website a better ranking and landing on first page. The very first thing you need to do is get major search engines to index your site. Don’t get too excited…

Become Wealthy With Internet Marketing

Internet marketing affiliates and program opportunities have opened the doors for marketers to become good entrepreneurs. Chances are that you must have come across some people having made millions while spending as much as some others did by selling keyword advertising. Traits amongst the internet marketing and the super affiliate millionaires are consistent. The ladder of success contains various steps like outstanding understanding, passion, desire, good communication and hard work of course. The as far as these issues are concerned, all can expect to learn something new every day who claim to be having unique system to provide guaranteed results. Super affiliates have secrets and they will sell them out to you at a low price. Traits of internet marketing and the super affiliate pro remain no secret and are available free today. Using these should certainly help you to prosper.

The super affiliates and marketers have superb empathy for internet consumers. They are aware of the pr…

SEO marketing | Internet Marketing SEO

Following simple SEO marketing tips can prove helpful for marketing online business. One can find several SEO marketing tips easily over the web. However, it is not necessarily they will prove to be useful, as some of them can be outdated, useless for a specific situation or can be understandable only by the experts. Below stated are a few tips on SEO marketing. These tips are stated keeping in mind the present SEO trends and can be applied to all websites.

First and foremost thing you need to do is, dismissed all that you have known about SEO marketing by now. The things around are changing rapidly and so you need to keep pace with the latest trends.Your competition needs to view the source at the web browser and learn about the keywords that actually need to be targeted.First paragraph of the content is very much important. The content is very first thing that the search engine index. It is also a part of the website but it will show up at the search engine results. Make sure that i…

Professional SEO Marketing | Article Marketing

Seeking help from a Professional SEO Marketing Service provider is the best way to promote online business. They will use various techniques for marketing and that too at an affordable price. Article marketing is one of the most Effective SEO Marketing.
For running online business in the best way, one needs to find out various techniques, which can possibly help promote the website’s products or services. The best part of online marketing is that it is inexpensive if compared to the traditional type of marketing. It is not difficult to find professional SEO marketing service provider in the present world scenario. The best part of hiring search engine marketing agency is that one need not any longer handle anything on own. Using professional SEO marketing service provider makes a hassle free methods of accumulating better outcome. For instance, the service provider will research for learning about the number of submissions and this will help creating impact on the site ranking.


Organic SEO | Natural SE Optimization Services

Organic SEO is an important strategy used for improving their website profitability by the web owners. It is the website optimization that offers a natural result in the search engines

Most SEO service providers or SEO companies would say that they offer only organic SEO service. Are you wondering how SEO can be organic? This buzzword is nothing new in the SEO industry but if you are new then, its better you know what an organic SEO is.

In the search engine result, there are normally two types of listing. Either it is a sponsor listing or an organic Search Engine Optimization. Sponsored listings can be seen in the top, right hand side or bottom of the search engine page. It is a paid service and advertiser has to pay every time a person clicks on the link, while in organic SEO you don’t have to spend a dime. An organic SEO is nothing but the optimization of a website that offers a natural result in the search engines.

You must know that an organic search engine ranking is an important st…

WordPress SEO | Wordpress Optimization Services

About WordPress:

WordPress is one of the most popular free blog script which can be utilized as an extension of the main web site to provide opportunity for Search Engine Optimization. It is one of the most popular CMS available which is being used by bloggers. WordPress is built using standards for XHTML and CSS.
What Is WordPress SEO Service?

WordPress SEO Service is the process of improving the volume and traffic of website from search engine by use of WordPress. WordPress SEO Services involves installation of various SEO Modules, optimizing it to improve SEO not only for website but also for traffic Being CMS, WordPress SEO is possible with companies who are into the business of optimization services and content management.

AnuvaTech offers WordPress SEO Services to make WordPress blogs search engine friendly. Our services include WordPress SEO, WordPress Meta Tag Optimization, WordPress Keyword Optimization, and WordPress SEO Module Installation.

We offer customization of Services acc…

SEM Services | Internet Marketing Services

For all your solutions if you follow AnuvaTech, definitely you will get better solution.

If you think that this web site’s design is amazing and you want to find out how you can too design it then AnuvaTech is right choice for you. We all know what a beautiful website looks like; it is just getting from a blank screen to a well designed website that is difficult. Just beware of over usage of graphics and images and you will be at least one step towards a well designed website. Nobody wants to stay and linger on a site that is badly designed If your web page does not load within a few seconds, you can say good-bye to the visitor.

AnuvaTech is a leading organization offering services in web design and development, internet branding, advertising and marketing. We at AnuvaTech use the best practices in search engine optimization. Besides, we are one of the leading branding consultant to develop your website. By availing services from AnuvaTech, we will get definite visibility and you will…

Search Engine Optimization | SEO Ranking Services

Search Engine Optimization is a process which is particularly used for ranking the web site. In this process it fully captures the market. It provides the complete idea about online marketing and process. In the online marketing field people have different perception, and usually those websites that can present their ideas in a better and more comprehensive way to gain more success.

Now days search engine optimization is the hottest topic for the business entrepreneurs who want to launch their product online. The explore process of the explore engines is typically based on some algorithmic calculations. Search engines utilize unusual form of programs to discover pages and produce a folder for their explore results.

AnuvaTech includes the right key words in the content of your web pages which will bring the targeted customers to your website. We also offer different technologies which signify your web in top rank. Typically a sub theme key phrase could be of two-three-four word length.


Real Value of PPC | Pay Per Click Value

Many people that they shouldn’t be spending money on keyword for their brand names, service name or product name. People believe that if they stop advertising for brands the visitors will click on natural search listing. Generally the visitors who come are the repeat customers for a particular brand. But many of Internet Experts are of a different opinion:

There opinions’ are:

When one doesn’t have an ad AND a natural listing, one has less presence on the search result page, and thus faces more competition.When one shows both, it has a bigger impact on the buyer, which increases attention and trust, thereby increasing traffic, conversions, conversion rate, decreasing cost per conversion, ultimately increasing ROI.Brand keywords are usually cheaper than general ones, so the ROI on that ad spend is higher.Our internal research shows that about 50% of people who convert on a brand keyword are actually new customers.In some cases, one loses significant brand recognition and natural search s…

Increase PR | Tips to Increase Google Page Rank

How to Increase Page Rank | Tips to Increase Google Page Rank

For any user or person having online business page rank plays an important role. To increase page rank, you need to keep certain points in mind. I personally had a very good experience on updation of page rank by Google. So I would like to share some tips on how to increase page rank which I thought would be really useful.

By keeping these nine tips or techniques in mind and working that way I am sure that you would be in a better position to increase/update Page Rank of your website or blog or any other content which would be promoting your business.
Link Exchange: This is one of best ways to increase page rank, But for this you need to be careful because if you link to sites unrelated to you google will penalize you. But if you have links similar to your website then the chances of increasing PR will rise.

Content: Keeping fresh content is always an advantage because it will return more traffic as to see what else you hav…

Anuvatech - SEO, Search Engine Optimization Services

Anuvatech - Professional SEO Company

SEO is short of Search Engine Optimization.

The term is used to describe the marketing technique of preparing a website to enhance its chances of being ranked in the top results of a search engine once a relevant search is undertaken.

Over the years, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has become need for more and more business.

With the new development tools like Java, Flash which are heavy on images there needs to something for the search engines to read on. If search engines can’t read on the content, it won’t be indexed and if not indexed it won’t be found when people search on different search engines.
This article will brief about what Seo is, its mechanism and some methods on how to optimize the website.

What is SEO?

SEO is a way of analyzing your site and modifying it to allow search engines to read and index it more easily. It is all about maintaining and building websites that get ranked highly on the major search engines.

Broadly speaking, SEO (Sea…

Professional SEO Services | SEO Services Company

Anuva Tech is a Professional SEO Company providing Search Engine Optimization Services at affordable rates In India. We have a team of SEO Experts who us effective and ethical methods to attain top 10 ranking across Search Engines like Google,Yahoo,MSN. We at Anuva use flexible methods to ensure customized Seo Marketing for your requirements. Our company offers unique techniques and visible results to make us the preferred SEO partner for our clients. We as a company are committed to maximize ROI from our Professional SEO Services.

There are various SEO Services Company then why AnuvaTech?

We at Anuva offer guaranteed results via our SEO Services. Our Company use purely ethical SEO Techniques which would never hurt your website or ban it. We offer customized SEO Services which would suite your unique requirements. Our customized Services include selecting the most appropriate keyword, On Page Optimization,Search Engine Submission etc. all at affordable rates. Being into Seo we have pos…

PPC Management Services | Pay Per Click Advertising

Anuva Tech is a leading Search Engine Company providing SEO Services in areas of Pay per Click, Search Engine Optimization etc. Our Team of PPC focuses on only one aspect-maximizing ROI for your money. The idea is to get maximum conversion with your advertising budget. We offer two different services to suite your requirements as far as PPC is concerned.

Our services include PPC Consulting and PPC Management.

PPC Consulting:
These services are suited for clients who already have a PPC campaign but want a professional advice or help to make it more effective. The help would include analysis of keywords, meta and title tags and a full report with suggestions.We have a team who would be available to make you understand the report and discuss any further queries in detail.

PPC Management:
These services are suited for clients who are looking for professionally managed PPC Campaigns for superior visibility and maximize ROI. For such clients we would provide analysis of keywords, title, meta tag…

Professional SEO Service | SEO Company - Anuva Tech

Anuva Tech is an SEO Firm providing Professional SEO Services, PPC (Pay per Click) Management Services at affordable rates. We are one of the leading SEO Firm In India providing SEO Services with guaranteed search engine ranking at affordable rates with ethical techniques.

Anuva Tech is Professional SEO Company In India offering SEO Services, Professional Search Engine Optimization Services and PPC Campaign Management Services of Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing Ambassador and MSN Ad Center with proven & efficient technologies at affordable rates.

Our ethical techniques include purely White SEO Techniques which are proven by our Seo Experts. Our Seo experts strongly implement these ethical techniques thereby proving the company as a Professional Seo Service Provider.

Contact Us for Guaranteed Search Engine Rankings with Natural SEO Services. Also offer the facility of Online SEO Consultants in India. We as company strongly believe in delivering quality services to our clients…