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Wordpress SEO | Ways To Keep Wordpress Run Smoothly

If you are aware of WordPress, you must know that there are some problems which arise using WordPress blogging software. There are some basic steps to ensure that wordpress is running smoothly.

Some of which have been described below:

  1. Choosing a Host Intelligently: It is generally very nice to go for a shared plan, but one must always remember what they are going to pay up for such a plan. Initially this plan is good but once the site gets popular you should upgrade it to virtual private network. Such plans often give good up times along with good performance.
  2. Fight Spams Using Plugins: The most popular plugin of WordPress is Akismet which is used to prevent spams. One can always supplement Akismet with installation of Simple TrackBack validation. With the new generation spammers coming up the tools for stopping that are also coming up as and when required.
  3. Back Up: One should always back up the data of WordPress blog. In case of failure of lost files, database corruption and plugin breakages one can always use the restored data. For this WordPress has a Backup Database to facilitate the Database recovery process.
  4. Check out for Upgrades: If the newer version of WordPress is being used by you then you would be popped up with lots of things for updating your software. But if plugins have been installed in your theme you should be very careful by pressing the update button. Even if any automatic upgrades have been achieved, one needs to delete it if you know that it can lock an admin out.
  5. Blog Slowed Down: Sometimes it may happen that your blog may slow down. There can be various reasons for that. Some of them would be:

The plan you are choosing

  • Customizing and using lot of plugins
  • Making use of a lot of widgets
  • Using various external services for uploading of things which may include Flickr like software which have been used to upload images, tweets and videos which consumes a lot of time.
  • On using a free theme which has poorly been coded can also slow down your blog.

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