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Google- No Longer the Most Popular Site

In the year 2010, Facebook pushed past, the king of search engines, Google, to become the most popular site on this highly competitive web arena, for the first time,in accordance to two Web tracking firms. It was a year of rapid ascent,for this social networking site gained more than 500 million users. Thus, its founder Mark Zuckerberg, was named by Time's magazine, as the Person of the Year.

This prestigious title simple marks another milestone in this ongoing shift, that basically highlights the way in which Americans spend their time online. In other words, this is a social change that has profoundly altered the way in which people get their news and interact with each another. The word 'friend' has be redefined.

From the very beginning, this service has evolved beyond a vehicle, that helps people to reconnect with high school classmates. Rather than basing their search results on complicated algorithms Facebook has added a personal touch to their results.

The former chi…

Google Vs Facebook - The Final Face-Off

Facebook has started challenging Google's current supremacy on the Internet, with the help of a radical new approach. This particular approach targets the way people live, play, work and search online.

While Google's search engine results are based on a series of selected algorithms, Facebook boasts of a higher level of personalization that is based on one's own likes and dislikes.

The founder of Facebook, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg, said that, "I think what we've found is that when you can use products with your friends and your family and the people you care about, they tend to be more engaging," he further went on to say that, "It includes not only what you do and what you like but people you know and what they like and the companies you interact with."

Mark Zuckerberg, who founded Facebook in his Harvard University dorm room six years ago and is now worth an estimated $US6.9 billion, refers to it as the "social graph."

Furthermore, Facebook has a…

Cleaning Up Your Google Results is Not Difficult Anymore!

Old blog posts and archives can sometimes get very embarrassing. At the same time, cleaning up and improving your search engine reputation can be really difficult. As we all know, Google will remove a particular search result from it results list only if it can be proved that the web page is being used for some kind of theft.

Online reputation management services are offered by various companies. They aid you in detecting and downplaying the embarrassing search result pages by using a software algorithm used by all the major search engines. However, it becomes really difficult for private individuals to do the same. Unless you're able to prove that a web page is posing a threat to your personal security, removing search terms altogether is almost impossible. For established journalist types, it is easy to add bulk to their Google queues. It just gets difficult for those without media pillows. But, worry not! Here are a few tricks that can help you in manipulating the search engine …

Next Music Application for Android has leaked

An early version of the next music application for Android has recently leaked, but it doesn’t show any of the important features that were demonstrated at the Google I/O conference that was held in May. By helping the music playback feature for Android, Google and all its Android partners can successfully compete against all Apple products.

This music player is supposedly going to be shipped with the Android 3.0, or Honeycomb – that is a tablet-specific version of the platform that Motorola is already using for its upcoming Android tablet. This leak was first posted on the XDA Developer’s Forum and a user even posted a video on YouTube that this was the music application show at the I/O conference 2010.

The application doesn’t however offer any sort of clues about Honeycomb and whether it will actually include a Google music store or an online music storage and sync service. Google has also approached a few record labels, hoping to sign off on a “music locker” service.

Article Marketing - Now an SEO Strategy

Website owners and, in particular, small business sectors online are now embracing article marketing on a regular basis. This is a tactic that is allowing them to clutch the kind of search engine rankings that used to be the sphere of large SEO companies only.

With an array of services to choose from, even the most modest sites can afford to make advances, where once it would have been long hours of tedious work to achieve even the most nominal results. As the hunger for quality electronic content grows, the use of articles as a way to get the word out about a website or business of any size is proving to be one of the best ways to present consumers with new ideas, merchandise and services.

According to the numbers let go in a variety of publications each year which cover the web, the human population online is growing at an exponential rate across the planet earth and that is not expected to drop off any time soon. That means that more and more browsers are now able to access the web.


Bring in the New Year with Google’s All New Christmassy Doodle

Google, the search engine giant, has always been on the lookout for new ways to mark a niche in people’s minds. The Google Doodles are one such way. Google always experiments with its doodles, in an attempt to grab more attention and be more unique. Upcoming events and incidents are very finely depicted through these doodles.

But this time around, Google has taken creativity to a new level! With Christmas right around the corner and the New Year approaching soon, Google has surprised everyone with its innovative doodle that is a colorful combination of cultures from across the world.

This new Google logo went live on the morning of Dec. 23 and will remain on Google’s homepage till Christmas day. This is probably one of the most innovative and ambitious doodles to ever come out of Google and it consists of 17 different images, each of which can be clicked on to launch a related search query.

Each of these 17 images represents a compelling and unique picture of the holiday season. Clicking…

Google Adding Hacked Site Notifications in Search Results

Google announced in its blog that they are adding a new notice service that would include a separate warning page. This move is designed to offer searchers the most relevant and the safest search results. This will be the company’s search trend next year.

A variety of automated tools are used to detect hacked sites and a message will indicate security compromises, which will be included under the links to violated result pages. Searchers can choose to click marked results and opt to click warning labels to learn more about the suspected site.

Google has also assured website masters that it will work to help them in case their sites are hacked. This will prevent them from losing traffic because of the notification. The company will contact the webmaster through the Webmaster Tools account or through the email addresses found on the web page. The notification on the search result will be removed once the problem is fixed.

Google has stated that adding this feature is only an effort to make…

YouTube and Search Engine Optimization is a Good Combination

There are more than 21 million pages on the World Wide Web. Therefore, the competition to rank the highest in the online industry is, undoubtedly, immense. Of course, there are many different techniques that, when combined together, significantly improve the results you derive from search engine optimization.

Social networking sites have now gained immense popularity when it comes to online marketing. Facebook and Twitter are the leading ones amongst these sites. The new tool that is rapidly developing its efficiency in this industry is YouTube.

With YouTube, you can be rest assured that your web site will be at the top of the search engine result pages of Google. If the videos are correctly optimized within the YouTube site itself, they can be shown in the search results of Google. This will help you claim another top position in the search engine results. The only thing you have to keep in mind is the proper entry of the relevant keywords, meta-tags and meta-descriptions while you are…

The Best and Worst Products of Google in 2010

Google had a lot of fun in 2010 with new products being churned out from their company. We saw many interesting products and features that were amazingly great while some really didn’t make it. With 40 acquisitions, they tried to gain a stronghold in key markets. This was seen by some as a challenge to other companies.

Let’s see some of the best products and features of Google in 2010:

1.Google Buzz: Apparently it came out with a bang to overthrow Facebook. But it got overthrown itself. It was launched with great fanfare but was quickly overshadowed by major privacy concerns. Now, no one seems to bother whether it existed or not. Even Google is trying to abandon it in the next year and merge it with the upcoming Google +1 social layers.

2.Google Instant: This is one of the best features to ever have come out of Google! This feature streams out the results as we type in the search engines. This helps by saving our time and everyone loves it! Google Instant is definitely here to stay!


Online Organizations to Increase their SEO Marketing Budgets

In accordance with the recent statistics published by the Search Engine Benchmark, nearly 60% of online organizations have planned to increase their virtual marketing budgets. In today's web era, success is defined by 'presence'. This very term can determine the survival or disintegration of a company.

Did you know that about two billion searches are performed every single day on Google alone? Simply put, when people look at an advertisement on the television or a new gadget on print, they immediately get online and 'Search' for more information about that service or product. From science to religion, politics and fashion, the people out there want to know it all. We simply tend to search for anything and everything.

But the process of 'searching' on the Internet is based on a slightly different algorithm. The formula in question consists of a combination of key words and key phrases. However, the result can have only two alternatives. The searcher can either…

Google Voice Search Gets a Boost

Google Voice Search was released initially with a structure intended to work right and work fast. There are broad settings with the input recognition that allowed the program to work instantly for any user. It covered numerous paces of accents, speaking, tones of voice and lots more.

Now, Google has a new feature in their Voice Search service adding personalized recognition which will be only available for Android platform smartphones. This personalized technology allows Google to learn how users pronounce words and further compensate the exact way users speak. It will also allow cell phone devices to understand the search query better making use of the new vocal mechanism. Google has also clarified that this is just an experimental program so it’s not compulsory for all to participate and users can disconnect the attribution at any time.

This improvement in their Voice search doesn’t affect or slow down the voice searches. It rather speeds them up. Already the feature is lightweight an…

Google Part of yet another Argument

There has always been a tenuous relationship between Google, the search engine giant and the tens of thousands of websites that try to gain and attract Google's coveted search engine traffic. However, there is a sense of merit to both sides of the argument and the debates that are conducted are completely understandable.

For starters, Google has always claimed that it works on behalf of the web searcher and not on behalf of the website. But, the long list of web owners and various SEO professionals say that Google should do more for the websites, since it is the website's that create their listings and bring in the profits.

The latest debate basically brings Google's anti-trust authority into question. The web owners have started questioning Google's placement search results, such as Google Image search, Google news and Google local. This is yet another tricky debate where in both parties seem to be right.

But have these recent updates, in Google's search engine algor…

Google makes Android more Personal, with the latest Voice Recognition updates

What with technology advancing as quickly as it is, most companies are now concentrating on voice recognition. A bold move, to say the least! It takes a lot of thought and effort to make your phone actually understand what you are saying and then come up with results that make sense for what you are trying to do.

However, there are plenty of hurdles that stand in the way of this procedure, and some of them include a number of variables like no one really sounds the same as another person. If you take into consideration many other factors like male or female, varying accents, etc, you’ll find that the hurdles are plenty. But with Google you never know what can happen next!

Google has been trying to tackle these obstacles by focusing on the personal aspects of voice recognition and have been using the latest update, which is the Android Voice Recognition Platform.

This update now consists of a tool that users can access at anytime and literally train the Google Voice Recognition platform t…

Google Clearing Its Stand

Recently, many websites were found to accuse Google of showing favoritism to other sites and unfairly generating search results favoring its own Google Place feature. Some of the accusers include notable companies such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, Citysearch and WebMD. These websites feel that they are purposefully being edged out.

Google responded to their allegations by saying that the whole concept of Google is for the ‘users’ and not for the ‘websites’. Google also went on to explain how their search engine works and that they provide usual web results which links to great sites. They organize the search results around places to make it quicker to find what users are looking for.

However, some websites believe that these actions are putting their sites at a disadvantage. Google is competing for the same web traffic as well as the same advertising money. One of the sites mentioned above feel that Google seems to constantly be chasing them.

A great amount of traffic comes directly from Google…

Successful Search Engine Optimization Campaigns - It's All About Finding the Right Information

The truth is that every web owner needs to know how to navigate through this global online platform. However, this is only possible when they have a better understanding of a concept that is commonly known as SEO or search engine optimization.

A project specialist and a web guru, Mr. Jordan Kovats, recently said that, “There is a lot of information out there when it comes to search engine optimization. The hardest part is finding the right information.” Kovats himself struggled with SEO at the beginning of his profession. But this all changed when he met Brad Gosse. Mr. Kovats went on to say that, “After meeting Brad, I was able to get the correct information”.

After his initial struggles, Kovats has never looked back. More so, over the years he has managed to develop an impressive track record, with regards to implementing any SEO strategies and techniques.

Search engine optimization or SEO is most definitely not a new marketing technique. Since the dawn of search engines, such as Yahoo…

Google Turning Psychic

When Google does something new, they do it with a bang, but this time they are going to do something unexpected. Google has stated that they are trying to give users search results before they even know what they want. How is this even remotely possible? Are they turning psychic?

Marissa Mayer, vice president of location services said that the company is working on providing its users with results without having to search. The idea, as she said, was to push information to people. With the location in context, they can look at where users have been going on the web, with the help of the browser and a toolbar. This is a huge UI challenge that they strive to achieve.

While on a PC, the search results might come up on the browser’s panel, which complements the user’s own Web browsing. For mobiles, the information provided would be based on the user’s location.

The search results would be entirely based on the location of where the user is right then. They will figure out where the next most …

Don't Forget About Your SEO Campaigns This Holiday Season

Web owners are currently being urged not to forget their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing campaigns over this festive period. The main reason for this is that businesses often tend to relax and slow down their operations during the holiday season.

Kevin Gibbons, an SEO expert has said that, “organizations can sometimes let their search engine marketing (SEM) strategies fall by the wayside over the Christmas period, when in fact it is essential that regular content, blogs and news articles are posted to attract new business and retain existing visitors”.

Present below is a list that highlights some important pieces of advice, provided by Mr. Gibbons himself, for this holiday season:

1.“A regular, original copy is essential for your organic optimization”. Furthermore, “your website should be putting out regular content, so that the robots know to keep checking it out.”

2.“You need to be ready to react swiftly to news and a changing market.”

3.“Ask one of your team members to keep a…

Google Alters its Search Algorithm to discourage unethical SEO practices

The online business firms are divided into two groups. The first group makes use of ethical B2B search engine optimization to boost their site's ranking, while the second does the same in rather unscrupulous ways. To better deal with this second group, Google, has altered its search engine algorithm.

The search engine giant made this change after inspiration from an online retailer who humiliated his customers until they felt compelled to post links to his web site on all the famous complaint forums and sites. This immoral technique helped him achieve high rankings for his web site.

Although the company's spokespeople were very vague about what exactly was going to be altered, they hinted that the search algorithm would definitely be modified for preventing such situations in the future. Google will be using a strategy that will detect the merchant from the Times article and all the other merchants along with it that provide very poor user experience. Also, it will help them pen…

Google Doodles Now On Mobile

Google’s doodles have always been intriguing to look at. We can say it’s an art in itself and now you will be able to see them in your mobiles.

Though this news has been in for quite some time, but we as a Google Doodle lover thought it would be a good post for our blog and of course the doodles are newsworthy in their own right. We have always admired the ideas and art behind Google’s doodles. They do have some of the most amazing presentation of current events and how to portray them at their home page. One of our favorite is the doodle featuring dozens of colored balls back in September. That did sparked an online speculation.

Since it’s inception in 1998, Google Doodle has never failed to impress Google users, well at least not us. Now, Google has confirmed that they are making majority of the desktop doodles to be available to anyone running Android 2.0 and up on the mobiles.

Well, we would be able to see them now or sooner on our mobile screens. The artwork that Google puts on thei…

Google Has Successfully Plugged another Horrific SEO Tactic

Recently, Google, the world's largest search engine giant, plugged a really offensive SEO tactic that was adopted by web sellers in order, to help them boost their page ranking results. This unscrupulous strategy basically targeted negative reviews, as a means of increasing targeted traffic. This in turn would help reach the top pages of Google's search engine results.

Google had started adjusting their algorithms when an article was published that stated that Clarabelle Rodriguez had an extremely traumatic experience with a website that was known as, 'DecorMyEyes'. For starters, she was unhappy with her purchase, so she asked for a refund. This action, almost immediately triggered an avalanche of hate mail. One email even said that, “I am watching you.”

The owner of the website was Mr. Borker. He was arrested last October after Ms. Rodriguez went to the police to file a formal complaint. His website once had a space in the coveted top ten listings. But now his page is n…

Google Will Boot Websites to Check Pirated Content From AdSense

Google has stated that they will be taking a rigid step to boot AdSense partners who use their sites to post duplicate content. As the web has grown so fast, they are facing an increasing number of issues that relate to infringing content.

This stricter stance against piracy on its own website as well as the sites of their partners is the latest step taken by Google. While monitoring AdSense sites closely for pirated materials like audio files, Google also announced that they would be focusing on the following:

Increase the response time to 24 hours or even less when complaints are made by content owners about pirated materials appearing at the Google sites.Make sure Autocomplete is not filled with words that are closely similar to searches for pirated content.They will also venture to make authorized content more easily available at the search results.Though it is not a sudden outburst that Google is making about pirated content showing up on AdSence or Google, but, since they are faci…

Experts Say that SEO is Much More Important than Online Advertising

Stephon "Phon" Rudd, a marketing expert and company spokesman will be hosting a special 'Webinar', featuring advertising Specialist Tony Rocha and SEO Strategist Matt Stine.

There is no doubt that more than 97% of the people who create web sites for search engine optimization purposes follow largely the wrong techniques during their marketing and web designing projects. The end result usually spells disaster, as new websites might not get indexed, and if they do, these same people run an enormous risk of having their indexes entirely removed from the Google search results page.

In accordance with Stephen, "The bottom line is advertising is supposed to be the last step," he goes on to say that, "It's supposed to be the last weapon in your marketing playbook. Advertising mostly builds awareness and brand. But if you want to sell, nothing sells better than having a Google or a Bing or a Yahoo find you worthy enough to be on page one. And your site visit…

Google's SEO Practices to be Investigated by the European Commission

The European Commission has started an anti-trust investigation alleging that Google has abused its dominant position in online search market. However, only starting these proceedings does not prove the wrongdoing of this search giant. A thorough investigation will be carried out to verify whether Google has really abused its market position.

Google has also allegedly lowered the Quality Score for sponsored links of vertical search services. The Commission will be looking into these allegations too. Quality Score is one of the major factors that determine the price paid by advertisers to Google. But there are always certain web sites that are unhappy with their ranking positions in search engines.

At the end of it all, the allegations made by and were soundless and unfounded. Adam Kovacevich Google spokesperson said that content plays a major role while ranking web sites. Content that is original and high in quality will help a site rank high. Whereas more tha…