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Google Clearing Its Stand

Recently, many websites were found to accuse Google of showing favoritism to other sites and unfairly generating search results favoring its own Google Place feature. Some of the accusers include notable companies such as TripAdvisor, Yelp, Citysearch and WebMD. These websites feel that they are purposefully being edged out.

Google responded to their allegations by saying that the whole concept of Google is for the ‘users’ and not for the ‘websites’. Google also went on to explain how their search engine works and that they provide usual web results which links to great sites. They organize the search results around places to make it quicker to find what users are looking for.

However, some websites believe that these actions are putting their sites at a disadvantage. Google is competing for the same web traffic as well as the same advertising money. One of the sites mentioned above feel that Google seems to constantly be chasing them.

A great amount of traffic comes directly from Google itself and the more favorable a place becomes, the harder it could be hit. Google is now putting its time into the geo-social genre and most significantly with its addition of HotPot and Place Search.

Google’s response now seems to answer back to the allegation. If they are losing real revenue, they are likely to probe Google tactics further.