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Google Has Successfully Plugged another Horrific SEO Tactic

Recently, Google, the world's largest search engine giant, plugged a really offensive SEO tactic that was adopted by web sellers in order, to help them boost their page ranking results. This unscrupulous strategy basically targeted negative reviews, as a means of increasing targeted traffic. This in turn would help reach the top pages of Google's search engine results.

Google had started adjusting their algorithms when an article was published that stated that Clarabelle Rodriguez had an extremely traumatic experience with a website that was known as, 'DecorMyEyes'. For starters, she was unhappy with her purchase, so she asked for a refund. This action, almost immediately triggered an avalanche of hate mail. One email even said that, “I am watching you.”

The owner of the website was Mr. Borker. He was arrested last October after Ms. Rodriguez went to the police to file a formal complaint. His website once had a space in the coveted top ten listings. But now his page is nowhere in sight.

With regards to Google, it is currently changing its search engine algorithms on a regular basis. But it has also promised to keep a watchful eye out for merchants and other web sellers who purposely provide a bad user experience, in order to climb that ladder of success.