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Google- No Longer the Most Popular Site

Google- No Longer the Most Popular Site
In the year 2010, Facebook pushed past, the king of search engines, Google, to become the most popular site on this highly competitive web arena, for the first time,in accordance to two Web tracking firms. It was a year of rapid ascent,for this social networking site gained more than 500 million users. Thus, its founder Mark Zuckerberg, was named by Time's magazine, as the Person of the Year.

This prestigious title simple marks another milestone in this ongoing shift, that basically highlights the way in which Americans spend their time online. In other words, this is a social change that has profoundly altered the way in which people get their news and interact with each another. The word 'friend' has be redefined.

From the very beginning, this service has evolved beyond a vehicle, that helps people to reconnect with high school classmates. Rather than basing their search results on complicated algorithms Facebook has added a personal touch to their results.

The former chief executive of and a social-media analyst with Wedbush Securities, Mr. Lou Kerner, said that, "This is the most transformational shift in the history of the Internet," he further went on to say that, "We're moving from a Google-centric Web to a people-centric Web."

But, with regards to the competition that growing between Facebook and Google, the director of research at Hitwise, Heather Dougherty, said that, "They're kind of a funny 'frenemy.' "