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Google Turning Psychic

Google Turning Psychic
When Google does something new, they do it with a bang, but this time they are going to do something unexpected. Google has stated that they are trying to give users search results before they even know what they want. How is this even remotely possible? Are they turning psychic?

Marissa Mayer, vice president of location services said that the company is working on providing its users with results without having to search. The idea, as she said, was to push information to people. With the location in context, they can look at where users have been going on the web, with the help of the browser and a toolbar. This is a huge UI challenge that they strive to achieve.

While on a PC, the search results might come up on the browser’s panel, which complements the user’s own Web browsing. For mobiles, the information provided would be based on the user’s location.

The search results would be entirely based on the location of where the user is right then. They will figure out where the next most appropriate information is. Like in a book store, it might be the name of a book.

If Google is able to crack this new innovation, it would be a major shift. Though it does sound like science fiction to depend on technology to help search things that you don’t even know, yet we can welcome it as a move towards the future.