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Google makes Android more Personal, with the latest Voice Recognition updates

Google makes Android more Personal, with the latest Voice Recognition updates
What with technology advancing as quickly as it is, most companies are now concentrating on voice recognition. A bold move, to say the least! It takes a lot of thought and effort to make your phone actually understand what you are saying and then come up with results that make sense for what you are trying to do.

However, there are plenty of hurdles that stand in the way of this procedure, and some of them include a number of variables like no one really sounds the same as another person. If you take into consideration many other factors like male or female, varying accents, etc, you’ll find that the hurdles are plenty. But with Google you never know what can happen next!

Google has been trying to tackle these obstacles by focusing on the personal aspects of voice recognition and have been using the latest update, which is the Android Voice Recognition Platform.

This update now consists of a tool that users can access at anytime and literally train the Google Voice Recognition platform to recognize their personal voices, work better with them, to understand their intonations, and such. In this way, this voice recognition software will be able to recognize your particular accent, speech pattern and speech style and differentiate it from everyone else’s.

Google’s main endeavor is to make it as person as possible, so keeping this in mind, users can now choose to make use of this technology. It will be connected to your account along with all the information and data that it collects. However, this software is currently only available for Android handsets that run the Android 2.2 and 2.3 applications. And, it is also currently only available for English speakers in the United States. But fret not; it will soon come to a market close to you!