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Google Voice Search Gets a Boost

Google Voice Search Gets a Boost
Google Voice Search was released initially with a structure intended to work right and work fast. There are broad settings with the input recognition that allowed the program to work instantly for any user. It covered numerous paces of accents, speaking, tones of voice and lots more.

Now, Google has a new feature in their Voice Search service adding personalized recognition which will be only available for Android platform smartphones. This personalized technology allows Google to learn how users pronounce words and further compensate the exact way users speak. It will also allow cell phone devices to understand the search query better making use of the new vocal mechanism. Google has also clarified that this is just an experimental program so it’s not compulsory for all to participate and users can disconnect the attribution at any time.

This improvement in their Voice search doesn’t affect or slow down the voice searches. It rather speeds them up. Already the feature is lightweight and with the transition to 3G network the speed can be tremendous.

The user experience can also be improved by a new UI that allows you to access a help page, enter setting page and cancel search once initiated.

This enhancement is limited to US users and English for the time being, but Google promises that in the near future, they will be made available in other countries and other languages.