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Google Launches Android 2.4 – Ice Cream Sandwich

Google launched its latest Android update, Ice Cream Sandwich at the Google I/O conference in San Francisco this morning. Android 2.4 or Ice Cream Sandwich brings all the best features of Honeycomb to mobiles phones. However, Google did not disclose many details about this update.

On the other hand, Google addressed one of the biggest problems that consumers and developers have been facing with the Android platform - and that is Fragmentation. There are hundreds of Android devices available in many sizes and shapes. And while there is a great choice, it can be very difficult for application developers to meet all the needs of the various phones and tablets.

Google also laid emphasis on the fact that Android 2.4 will address this issue since the applications experience is a big part of the Android platform. Ice Cream Sandwich helps by giving application developers the necessary tools they need to accomplish this. Google also mentioned having a lofty goal of “one OS that can run everywher…

SMB’s to boost their SEO campaigns through Social Marketing

Small businesses are now increasingly turning towards the Internet to market their products and services, and this year, it seems that they will be investing more time and money on the search engine optimization campaigns by using social media marketing. Recent studies have shown that search and social channels are now becoming major priorities for SMB marketers across the world.

It has been found that nearly half of all SMBs already have social media marketing campaigns in place, and about 28 percent are currently using basic SEO tactics to improve rankings in organic results. Both SEO and social media marketing will see major gains this year, and more and more people have started adding social media and SEO to their marketing campaigns.

This means that nearly three fourth of the SMBs will have their own social media marketing campaigns by 2012, and nearly half will use SEO to boost their businesses. The competition will also get fiercer. And the more intense the competition means only…

Hone your Search Skills before Exploring the Web

You can get any answer to any question almost instantly by using the Internet – as long as you don’t really care about the accuracy of your answers. Search engines like Google are excellent tools for finding out answers on the net. The only problem is that they are often loaded with a whole scrap of junk and wrong answers.

Let’s talk about ways to get the right answers without taking too much trouble.

For instance, if you’re trying to find an answer with regards to the civil law codes in Georgia on Google, you’d probably include the search terms “Law” and “Georgia”. This alone should ideally tell you the law codes in Georgia right? Wrong! You’ll probably end up getting information on everything from the legal codes of Georgia in Russia to many other unrelated bits and pieces.

If you thought that searching for answers online was that easy, then think again. There’s a reason why online navigation experts have to master certain skills in order to get where they are today. With web search, y…

Should Every Employee have Basic SEO Knowledge?

Search Engine Optimization has now become so valuable that experts are claiming that every online business employee should receive some kind of basing training in SEO. Many SEO experts have been saying that for an online business to really be careful, it is important for every employee to possess certain SEO skill sets.

Basic SEO knowledge will benefit all team members of any online business right from the bloggers and content writers to the IT team as well as the management. It is believed that many online businesses are missing out on opportunities by not educating their staff about the importance of SEO to a company’s turnover.

Every group should be trained on the importance of search and how it can affect the revenue of a company. Once employees start recognizing the role that SEO plays in driving traffic to a site and in bringing in more leads and sales, then SEO activities will start becoming a priority.

What with the competition for more attention growing by the hour, many online …

News of Bin Laden’s Death being used to Spread Malware Online

With the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death being the most spoken topic on the net today, it comes as no surprise at all that spammers have grabbed this opportunity to exploit the news. It is pretty much expected these days. Scammers latch on to big news events and manipulate it to ensure that unsuspecting victims fall prey to their scams.

Reports have shown that the Osama malware has been doing its rounds on the Internet ever since yesterday. A malicious site has been flourishing on the Internet and shows a morphed photo of Osama Bin Laden murdered. The site also urges people to download a copy of the VLC video player to view the video of his death. This downloads a malicious file instead.

Malware was also found to be spreading on Google images as well and there are some Facebook pages that offer “FREE subway” and “2 Southwest Plane Tickets” to celebrate Bin Laden’s death. These messages and links are malicious and spread through the victims’ wall.

More than a 100 million scam emails are e…

Why On-Page SEO Content is all about Relevance and not Rankings

Everybody loves to talk about how search engines determine rankings. It is always advisable to stay away from manipulating the algorithms because such tactics can carry many risks. But search engines do have many limitations on what they can do and what they see. This is why it is important for you to first understand the environment of the search engines and do the right things to make it easier for the search engines.

Here are the factors based on how websites are ranked:

Authority of Domain or Reliability.
Link Popularity.
Inbound Anchor Text.
Usage of Keywords.
Traffic or Click-Through Data.
Engagement Metrics.
Registration or Hosting.On Page SEO is often referred to as the functions that are required to gain access to the competition. What this basically means is that you cannot compete for rankings on the search engines on a specific key phrases unless your web page gives out those signals that it is a good match for the user query.

From an SEO point of view, the On Page content is not a…