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News of Bin Laden’s Death being used to Spread Malware Online

News of Bin Laden’s Death being used to Spread Malware Online
With the news of Osama Bin Laden’s death being the most spoken topic on the net today, it comes as no surprise at all that spammers have grabbed this opportunity to exploit the news. It is pretty much expected these days. Scammers latch on to big news events and manipulate it to ensure that unsuspecting victims fall prey to their scams.

Reports have shown that the Osama malware has been doing its rounds on the Internet ever since yesterday. A malicious site has been flourishing on the Internet and shows a morphed photo of Osama Bin Laden murdered. The site also urges people to download a copy of the VLC video player to view the video of his death. This downloads a malicious file instead.

Malware was also found to be spreading on Google images as well and there are some Facebook pages that offer “FREE subway” and “2 Southwest Plane Tickets” to celebrate Bin Laden’s death. These messages and links are malicious and spread through the victims’ wall.

More than a 100 million scam emails are expected to be doing their rounds with regards to Osama’s death. Taking all of this into consideration, it is important to ensure that your security software is updated and be mindful about where you’re reading your news from.