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SMB’s to boost their SEO campaigns through Social Marketing

SEO campaigns - SMB marketers
Small businesses are now increasingly turning towards the Internet to market their products and services, and this year, it seems that they will be investing more time and money on the search engine optimization campaigns by using social media marketing. Recent studies have shown that search and social channels are now becoming major priorities for SMB marketers across the world.

It has been found that nearly half of all SMBs already have social media marketing campaigns in place, and about 28 percent are currently using basic SEO tactics to improve rankings in organic results. Both SEO and social media marketing will see major gains this year, and more and more people have started adding social media and SEO to their marketing campaigns.

This means that nearly three fourth of the SMBs will have their own social media marketing campaigns by 2012, and nearly half will use SEO to boost their businesses. The competition will also get fiercer. And the more intense the competition means only one thing – those marketers for businesses of all sizes will want to hire experts to give their brands that boost.