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Google’s Facebook-Killer not until next Spring

When Google announced that they will be launching a supposed “Facebook killer” social networking site, we all had one thing in mind. Is it just another one of their inventions that will go to waste like their other so called social networking sites?

Google has been trying in vain to dethrone Facebook from the social networking world, but the harder they try the further they fall. Till now, we have been reading about so many projects coming up and going down the drain. The latest we heard is the new Facebook killer site “Google Me”.

Google was trying to launch this Facebook killer this year but they have announced that they are delaying the launch until next year. Well, as they said it is a big project and to kill Facebook, they might take some time to do it right. No matter how long the project takes, this time Google cannot fail or they might have to chuck the whole idea of dethroning Facebook or even entering the social networking world, and instead focus on their search engines.

From …

Google Will Be Launching the Chrome OS Net Books

Apparently, Google still has big ambitions in the hardware arena. This global search engine and online advertising giant is reportedly going to launch the Chrome OS net books, within the next few weeks.

The launch will most likely be a product bearing the Google brand, made by a third party manufacturer. Previously, Google launched a branded smart phone, the Nexus One that failed to start a buzz after some wireless carriers unanimously elected not to heavily promote the device, which competed with other smart phone offerings in their stables.

Currently, Google is ready to have another go at it, but this time it is going to do so in a fragmented market, not tethered to any specific wireless or data networks.

The final goal of Google is to put its Chrome operating system (OS) in as many places in the computing ecosystem as possible, including desktops, laptops, tablets and net books. This strategy is very similar to what Google has done with Android, which is one of the fastest growing sma…

Google Chrome OS’ Debut Most Likely to Happen Next Year

Chrome OS, the most anticipated new operating system from Google may not get launched until next year. Although the consumer launch is most likely to happen next year, Google yet has to bring out their branded ‘Speedbooks’ running the new system.

Google has been planning for this launch for two years making it quite uncomfortable for both Apple and Microsoft. The Chrome OS was positioned initially to capitalize on the network revolution. However, it seems to be overtaken by events. Apple on the other hand hasn’t been manufacturing enough since the time they launched iPad and they see these devices as a future frontier for media consumption.

Now, why is Google aiming for two mobile operating systems? It has emerged that Google has joined hands with the US telecom leader Verizon as an effort to launch their own iPad killer device which will be based on the Android operating system. Still, we are confused as to why would Google want to have two ultra portable operating systems for tablets …

SEO - To Be Dead or Not to Be

The Internet has been filled with rumors stating that SEO or search engine optimization is dead. Web owners and other online business entrepreneurs get apprehensive and anxious when they read titles that emphasize that “SEO is dead”. So is all this hoopla true? Well, for starters, stop spending sleepless nights over such baseless rumors.

The fact of the matter is that every SEO professional out there is not scared because SEO is dead, but because it has been functioning like a zombie! For instance, every time people claim that this concept is dead, it often seems to come back with a vengeance. So, we can say that every time SEO comes back from the dead, it becomes more complex and more difficult to master and tackle.

It is somehow strange to think that the more the people highlight these bizarre claims, the more SEO seems to boom by numbers and I mean money not just traffic.

So what is the real truth? The truth is that the concept of SEO may not be dead, as of yet. But the viral nature o…

Marketers Should Optimize Sites for Yahoo and Bing

Recent reports suggest that marketers are not carrying out search engine optimization for maximizing traffic from Yahoo and Bing users. Both Microsoft and Yahoo have offered notice on the need of optimizing sites for the above mentioned search engines. The search engine alliance of both Microsoft and Yahoo has been going in full swing for almost a month now.

Nearly 47 per cent of publishers do not receive as much traffic from Yahoo and Bing as they should. Only a mere 23.58 per cent of search traffic from Bing is seen on an average. These figures indicate a lot of missed opportunities. Microsoft and Yahoo together form only one third of the search engine market that is around 30.6 per cent.

If sites start getting optimized for Bing, the online traffic would increase by around 9.40 per cent on an average. This could mean a great deal of improvement in the search market. Around 46.55 per cent, that is almost half of the marketers do not optimize their site for Yahoo and Bing.

Some publishe…

Make Facebook Your Default Homepage

When it comes to getting on Google’s nerve, no one does it better than Facebook. Now, the latter is moving their competition to a new level by asking their users to make the social network their default homepage. This move could boost Facebook’s traffic tremendously.

The battle for homepage status has been a long battle between search giants like Google, Yahoo and Bing as it keeps people coming back day after day, driving in traffic and boosting the advertisement rates.

Facebook’s move to make its site the Internet starting point of choice will only take the rivalry with search leader, Google, to new heights.

We do love the battle between Google and Facebook. Their rivalry of making their services a gateway for all communication needs keeps on coming up with new innovative ideas.

Now, you will see a bar at the top of your Facebook page prompting you to set the site as your homepage. Though this has been valid for few of the Facebook users, they do have plans to roll out to their 500 milli…

Google Offers Search Algorithm with an Eye for Fashion

Though it may be meant only for the US browsers so far but Google has unleashed a new website – which went live yesterday. This site will let you search for clothes based on category and will allow you to buy online.

Shopping for clothes online has always been challenging for shoppers around the world. But this new site from Google will make it all easier.

‘Boutiques’ makes use of a blend of cutting edge search technology and professional opinion which will enable apparel shoppers to shop easily. Not only does it help users find and choose fashion apparel, but it also creates personalized boutique services to perfect the look. You can now get the right look you want or you emulate all your fashion favorites or celebrities at specialty stores.

A good number of big retailers are on board for this launch that got an exclusive coverage in The New York Times. But, it’s still unclear whether this will turn out to be yet another Google fad just like their forays into cars to monor…

Black Hat SEO Techniques Growing at an Alarming Rate

SEO or search engine optimization is a very big money earner for cyber criminals. And day by day, they just seem to be getting better at it. From refining their techniques, to blending attacks, they will try almost anything to trick Internet users onto personal or malware-ridden ID-harvesting Websites.

One can't deny the fact that SEO forms the basis of Internet browsing and is an integral part of any online marketing campaign. Unfortunately, over time, several fraudsters have grown wise and have started mastering the way by which SEO works. They have constantly tried to hijack these techniques in order to make the world of search engine optimization work and benefit their own selfish purposes.

A simple example of SEO poisoning is where unsuspecting online browsers are sent to a site that sells fake anti malware software that offers free health scans that in turn compromise the user’s PC with malicious coding. Some of the latest SEO Black hat threats are a blend of exploit kits such…

How Google Instant Preview is going to Affect SEO

With the launch of Instant Preview, Google allows its users to have a quick preview of a web site before they even visit it. It has taken a screen shot of every web page and added in its index, so that users can see it just by rolling over or clicking on a magnifying glass icon. This icon is located at the right of every search result.

This new improvement in technology is obviously going to change the face of SEO drastically. However, the change is not going to be in terms of search engine rankings or the way a web site has been optimized. What it is going to change is the user's decision to visit your web site. The decision, as we can all see, is going to hugely depend on the first impression a user has of a web site.

This means that now web designers will have to concentrate more on the design of the web site, where initially, design was sometimes sacrificed for the sake of packing in rich content, now design is going to rule. Some flash web sites may suffer negative effects of t…

Email Is Dead Claims Facebook

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has made a serious claim that might shake Google. He has recently launched a new messaging service. He has said that email has become too slow and informal.

The claim was made as he launched the social networking site’s new messaging service that integrates the entire web and text based communications and works instantly.

The new service is a direct blow to Google’s Gmail and marks a new level in the ongoing and bittersweet battle between Google and Facebook to gain the loyalties of web users.

Zuckerberg also revealed that the 500 million people signed up for Facebook will have access to a email address. In this new service, the whole conversation histories dating back years will be saved into the users’ account and Spam will be completely filtered out. According to him, people should be able to communicate in whatever way they want, whether it’s text, email or Facebook message.

Speculations are rising up that this new service would be a Gmail…

SEO and Clout - Shrouded by a Veil of Secrecy

If you are a law student and on your first day of college you were asked the question, “What is first degree murder?” You could simply pop open a book and learn that it consists of 3 essential elements: deliberation, intent and premeditation. Unfortunately, when it comes to the algorithms that control the functioning of the Internet marketing world, we are often shrouded by a 'veil of secrecy' that murder himself would be proud of.

But the truth is that SEO can get you only so far. In order to be a true Internet marketing professional in 2010 and beyond, one ought to have SEO expertise and Clout, or at least working knowledge of such complex algorithms. The difficulty arises from the fact that Google nor clout is willing to spill the beans on the ingenious algorithms that they have been perfecting for several years now.

Remember that the ultimate aim is not to be an expert or a web guru in every single thing you do, instead it is to be a focused, well-rounded individual that dra…

Employee Offered $3.5 Million by Google Not to Join Facebook

We all know the love-hate war between Google and Facebook. The latter is trying to steal talent from the former and Google is trying hard to fight back. How?

In a serious attempt to resist the dominating Facebook, Google is providing big bonuses to its employees. One senior engineer was offered a sweeping amount of $3.5 million in stock not to leave and jump. That’s quite a big amount to resist, so to say. When there are no other means to retain their employees from leaving the ship, Google is trying to tempt them through large bonuses. And it is actually working.

Google has been offering cash bonuses to its employees in hopes to keep them happy. But rather than keeping their employees happy, this attempt is directed towards Facebook, who is on a constant hunt for talented professionals, who specially dwell in the Silicon Valley.

Now, the best job is not working in Google or Facebook, but rather at Google after getting a job at Facebook. May be the Google employees should thank Facebook …

Google Update - Homepage Screen shot Previews

All you online business owners out there, this is a warning, “change your SEO strategies today or be prepared to dwindle away into oblivion”. Once again Google has launched another update, with regards to its search engine policies. This update will basically allow online users to get a quick preview screen shot of every site that is listed.

So why is this update different from the rest? Well, webmasters have stated that this particular change, could in fact, alter how business ventures approach online search rankings. This update has been introduced shortly after Google introduced the Google Place and Instant updates.

Sean Fishlock, marketing director of Datalink said that, "For a lot of Web 2.0 companies, their image is a part of their brand and so this could be an important change for them."

In accordance to Google, this update will most definitely make it easier and faster for users to find what they want. The company went on to argue that, "Instant Previews provides a…

Will the New Google Launch affect the SEO strategies of Online Businesses

With its new launch of Instant Preview, Google is forcing online businesses to change their SEO strategies once again. Now, users will be able to see a screenshot of the web site before actually clicking on it. A very good feature, since it allows you to preview your search result within Google itself.

This new change in Google will totally alter the way businesses work towards achieving online search rankings. It has been introduced for the sole purpose of packing in as much information as possible in the web site's home page itself. Sean Fishlock, the marketing director of Datalink says, “For a lot of Web 2.0 companies, their image is a part of their brand, so this could be an important change for them”. Now, the web site design will play an important role in making sure that click through rates remain the same. Also AdWord users will also be affected.

The update will start rolling out to all the users around the world in the next few days. Google believes that it will make the se…

New ‘Social’ Web Browser Launched by RocketMelt

RocketMelt, a new upstart browser service, now aims to provide an enhanced user experience for their users with built in social media integration tools. This is a challenge to Google, Apple, Mozilla and Microsoft. They claim that they are redefining the Internet browsing as a social experience. For that they have integrated a wide range of social media tools and synchronized them to user accounts.

Their main objective is to make the web users’ experience on the web easier, everything from searches, images, news and lot more with their social circle and that too without leaving the main screen or the need to open up a separate browser.

RocketMelt has given users a turnabout in their browser with a massive change to user behavior, which will drive the web over the future. This new innovation is a fresh take on browsing, ever since browsers were created.

This is the first browser, which users, when they log into, will unlock their web experience with Facebook friends, feeds, favorite servic…

Mobile SEO - Be a part of the Changing Trends

The mobile marketplace is a booming commercial and business platform. Hence, the question that's got many webmasters asking is, how important is mobile search engine optimization (SEO)? Whereas, others are still wondering whether traditional SEO practices differ from mobile SEO?

In a recent post, Michael Martin wrote that mobile search engine optimization is basically a combination of creating and developing websites that can appear in mobile search engines as well as different hand held devices. He further noted that location based results are also making a big impact on mobile search engine results.

Present below is a list that highlights some of the most significant points that Mr. Michael Martin touched upon:

1."Mobile Search Engine Optimization should be a matter of increasing visibility of your site, not only in mobile search engines but on the actual mobile and often touch-enabled devices themselves”.

2."Mobile Search Engine Optimization is a combination of tailoring …

Blekko Could Consume a Slice of the Google Pie

A new search engine has finally been launched in beta that has created quite a stir in the online arena. Supposedly, it has got a special feature that filters out poor quality sites and other spam sites. Well, it is about time, let me introduce you to 'Blekko', a service that promises full transparency with its search ranking data and is currently being backed by millions in the venture capital.

Rich Skrenta, Blekko's chief executive, said that, "When we started this company our goal was to build a search engine that not only let you do your usual searches but also lets you do searches that you just can't do anywhere else."

Blekko's search filtering is based on a "slashtag" technology, which is basically a tool that is comprised of recommended websites submitted by users. Thus, searches can be refined, through this slashtag filtering system. This system can save web searchers a lot of time, for they need not hunt through all the highways and shift…

Change of Google Algorithm will affect Local Search

As everybody has already noticed, Google has made yet another change in its search algorithm over the weekend. This major change made by the search giant has affected both, local as well as geographical search results.

This means, for instance, if you are looking up some service in your area, what you will get is a list of all the local businesses in Google Places that are positioned right at the top. Previously, what used to happen was that the Google Places were displayed differently in a map. This separated the local results from the rest of the organic listings on the Search Engine Results Pages. With the new algorithm, all the search engine results will be listed as organic listings on the result page.

When Google Places was called Google Business Center, you were supposed to have a physical address at the desired location so that you could add your business. Therefore, if you wanted to rank for different locations, you would have to register with different physical addresses. With…

Why You Should Take the New Search Engine ‘Blekko’ Seriously

There is a new search engine in town. Well, this is a rough business and this attempt to challenge Google is something which only few dare to think.

Cuil and Wolfram Alpha tried and it is not only about Google that Blekko has to face. Bing and Yahoo are also in the scenario. However, there is something about this new search engine that is worth paying attention to. Though, it is taking a long shot to compete with Google and Microsoft but it doesn’t need to beat either of them as it has just come in third place.

Blekko has a big advantage over other Google competitors. One of the differentiators is that it is slashtag, which essentially filters for search results. The core slashtags are maintained by “a la Wikipedia’ and it consists of a serious of domains considered to be authoritative on issues in those categories.

In its launch, it has announced a new feature which is the autofiring of slashtags. It starts with seven key search categories like finance, lyrics, health and so on. This se…

Google's New and Improved “Place Search Mode”

Google's new “Place Search” has dramatically redrawn the search engine landscape. It is more critical than ever, for businesses to implement an online review, a local search and an SEO strategy, in order to achieve some sort of prominent visibility, in the results that Google displays for location specific searches.

The king of search engines, Google has officially stated that its entire algorithm has been refined and improved for Place search. Google further went on to state that "One of the great things about our approach is that it makes it easier to find a comprehensive view of each place.”

President of SIM Partners, Jon Schepke, had this to say about the changes on Search Engine Watch, "Place Search demonstrates Google's ongoing commitment to provide relevant results for local search queries." In a final statement he did mention that "Companies that have had both strong organic and local rankings will enjoy a competitive advantage in capitalizing on Goog…