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Google's New and Improved “Place Search Mode”

Google's new “Place Search” has dramatically redrawn the search engine landscape. It is more critical than ever, for businesses to implement an online review, a local search and an SEO strategy, in order to achieve some sort of prominent visibility, in the results that Google displays for location specific searches.

The king of search engines, Google has officially stated that its entire algorithm has been refined and improved for Place search. Google further went on to state that "One of the great things about our approach is that it makes it easier to find a comprehensive view of each place.”

President of SIM Partners, Jon Schepke, had this to say about the changes on Search Engine Watch, "Place Search demonstrates Google's ongoing commitment to provide relevant results for local search queries." In a final statement he did mention that "Companies that have had both strong organic and local rankings will enjoy a competitive advantage in capitalizing on Google's changes."

Overall, Google's “Place Search”, is being phased in around the world. This newly refined search combines organic and local listings, when users are looking for information. It is intended to cluster search results around specific areas so that users can find information and make comparisons more easily.