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Make Facebook Your Default Homepage

Make Facebook Your Default Homepage
When it comes to getting on Google’s nerve, no one does it better than Facebook. Now, the latter is moving their competition to a new level by asking their users to make the social network their default homepage. This move could boost Facebook’s traffic tremendously.

The battle for homepage status has been a long battle between search giants like Google, Yahoo and Bing as it keeps people coming back day after day, driving in traffic and boosting the advertisement rates.

Facebook’s move to make its site the Internet starting point of choice will only take the rivalry with search leader, Google, to new heights.

We do love the battle between Google and Facebook. Their rivalry of making their services a gateway for all communication needs keeps on coming up with new innovative ideas.

Now, you will see a bar at the top of your Facebook page prompting you to set the site as your homepage. Though this has been valid for few of the Facebook users, they do have plans to roll out to their 500 million users over the next few weeks.

Facebook has already been accounted for 6% of primary homepage in United States even before it began to prompt their users to make the site the default homepage. This suggests that the default homepage could do a lot to boost the social network’s overall performance on the web.