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Marketers Should Optimize Sites for Yahoo and Bing

Marketers Should Optimize Sites for Yahoo and Bing
Recent reports suggest that marketers are not carrying out search engine optimization for maximizing traffic from Yahoo and Bing users. Both Microsoft and Yahoo have offered notice on the need of optimizing sites for the above mentioned search engines. The search engine alliance of both Microsoft and Yahoo has been going in full swing for almost a month now.

Nearly 47 per cent of publishers do not receive as much traffic from Yahoo and Bing as they should. Only a mere 23.58 per cent of search traffic from Bing is seen on an average. These figures indicate a lot of missed opportunities. Microsoft and Yahoo together form only one third of the search engine market that is around 30.6 per cent.

If sites start getting optimized for Bing, the online traffic would increase by around 9.40 per cent on an average. This could mean a great deal of improvement in the search market. Around 46.55 per cent, that is almost half of the marketers do not optimize their site for Yahoo and Bing.

Some publishers do not even consider Bing while creating local content. An immediate rise of 21 per cent is guaranteed if sites were made visible to the non Google search engines. It is mandatory for marketers to remember Yahoo and Bing in their search campaigns.