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Change of Google Algorithm will affect Local Search

Change of Google Algorithm will affect Local Search
As everybody has already noticed, Google has made yet another change in its search algorithm over the weekend. This major change made by the search giant has affected both, local as well as geographical search results.

This means, for instance, if you are looking up some service in your area, what you will get is a list of all the local businesses in Google Places that are positioned right at the top. Previously, what used to happen was that the Google Places were displayed differently in a map. This separated the local results from the rest of the organic listings on the Search Engine Results Pages. With the new algorithm, all the search engine results will be listed as organic listings on the result page.

When Google Places was called Google Business Center, you were supposed to have a physical address at the desired location so that you could add your business. Therefore, if you wanted to rank for different locations, you would have to register with different physical addresses. With this new search algorithm, this is not needed anymore. This implies that you do not have to add your business address for every location.

All these arrangements work really well because you do not have to make multiple listings to rank in Google Places. Another added advantage is that SEO is still as important as it was earlier. SEO experts should concentrate more on Geo-Targeting.