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Google’s Facebook-Killer not until next Spring

Google’s Facebook-Killer not until next Spring
When Google announced that they will be launching a supposed “Facebook killer” social networking site, we all had one thing in mind. Is it just another one of their inventions that will go to waste like their other so called social networking sites?

Google has been trying in vain to dethrone Facebook from the social networking world, but the harder they try the further they fall. Till now, we have been reading about so many projects coming up and going down the drain. The latest we heard is the new Facebook killer site “Google Me”.

Google was trying to launch this Facebook killer this year but they have announced that they are delaying the launch until next year. Well, as they said it is a big project and to kill Facebook, they might take some time to do it right. No matter how long the project takes, this time Google cannot fail or they might have to chuck the whole idea of dethroning Facebook or even entering the social networking world, and instead focus on their search engines.

From the previous projects that they have created, we can well say that Google is definitely bad at social and they have been wasting a lot of time and talent to produce lackluster products like Buzz and Wave. Let’s see if their latest work will charm the people or will turn out to be another failure.