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How Google Instant Preview is going to Affect SEO

How Google Instant Preview is going to Affect SEO
With the launch of Instant Preview, Google allows its users to have a quick preview of a web site before they even visit it. It has taken a screen shot of every web page and added in its index, so that users can see it just by rolling over or clicking on a magnifying glass icon. This icon is located at the right of every search result.

This new improvement in technology is obviously going to change the face of SEO drastically. However, the change is not going to be in terms of search engine rankings or the way a web site has been optimized. What it is going to change is the user's decision to visit your web site. The decision, as we can all see, is going to hugely depend on the first impression a user has of a web site.

This means that now web designers will have to concentrate more on the design of the web site, where initially, design was sometimes sacrificed for the sake of packing in rich content, now design is going to rule. Some flash web sites may suffer negative effects of this particular feature. This is because the preview taken will be able to show only the text and the banners.

The most important feature of Instant Preview is that the section of the page where the search term occurs will be highlighted. So, all you have to do is scan through the preview and then decide if you really want to visit it.