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Google Offers Search Algorithm with an Eye for Fashion

Google Offers Search Algorithm with an Eye for Fashion
Though it may be meant only for the US browsers so far but Google has unleashed a new website – which went live yesterday. This site will let you search for clothes based on category and will allow you to buy online.

Shopping for clothes online has always been challenging for shoppers around the world. But this new site from Google will make it all easier.

‘Boutiques’ makes use of a blend of cutting edge search technology and professional opinion which will enable apparel shoppers to shop easily. Not only does it help users find and choose fashion apparel, but it also creates personalized boutique services to perfect the look. You can now get the right look you want or you emulate all your fashion favorites or celebrities at specialty stores.

A good number of big retailers are on board for this launch that got an exclusive coverage in The New York Times. But, it’s still unclear whether this will turn out to be yet another Google fad just like their forays into cars to monorail or just an end of fashion shopping.

The hardest part of creating this kind of search system is that it totally relies on the subjective decisions and photography analysis. However, Google has attempted to break this hard nut with new technologies as well as with a touch of human element.