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Black Hat SEO Techniques Growing at an Alarming Rate

Black Hat SEO Techniques Growing at an Alarming Rate
SEO or search engine optimization is a very big money earner for cyber criminals. And day by day, they just seem to be getting better at it. From refining their techniques, to blending attacks, they will try almost anything to trick Internet users onto personal or malware-ridden ID-harvesting Websites.

One can't deny the fact that SEO forms the basis of Internet browsing and is an integral part of any online marketing campaign. Unfortunately, over time, several fraudsters have grown wise and have started mastering the way by which SEO works. They have constantly tried to hijack these techniques in order to make the world of search engine optimization work and benefit their own selfish purposes.

A simple example of SEO poisoning is where unsuspecting online browsers are sent to a site that sells fake anti malware software that offers free health scans that in turn compromise the user’s PC with malicious coding. Some of the latest SEO Black hat threats are a blend of exploit kits such as Zeus and fake anti-virus software's.

In an effort to combat this illegal activity, more Internet security organizations are looking closely at the “who” and “where” of Website hosts and IP space, rather than at the “what” of malware signatures.

Black Hat SEO is now a big profitable business for the bad guys and hence, it is also a big problem to solve.