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Online Organizations to Increase their SEO Marketing Budgets

Online Organizations to Increase their SEO Marketing Budgets
In accordance with the recent statistics published by the Search Engine Benchmark, nearly 60% of online organizations have planned to increase their virtual marketing budgets. In today's web era, success is defined by 'presence'. This very term can determine the survival or disintegration of a company.

Did you know that about two billion searches are performed every single day on Google alone? Simply put, when people look at an advertisement on the television or a new gadget on print, they immediately get online and 'Search' for more information about that service or product. From science to religion, politics and fashion, the people out there want to know it all. We simply tend to search for anything and everything.

But the process of 'searching' on the Internet is based on a slightly different algorithm. The formula in question consists of a combination of key words and key phrases. However, the result can have only two alternatives. The searcher can either be led to you or to your competitor. Thus, search engine optimization or SEO plays a key role.

Ms. Julie Jordan, an SEO expert said that, “It’s a simple mantra…if searchers can’t find you …they are going to find your competitor. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the bedrock of online marketing ensuring that keywords lead the searcher to you rather than your contender.”

Fortunately, the best thing about SEO is that you don’t have to be a geek to understand it. It’s a simple online marketing strategy that can be followed by all.