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Google's SEO Practices to be Investigated by the European Commission

Google's SEO Practices to be Investigated by the European Commission
The European Commission has started an anti-trust investigation alleging that Google has abused its dominant position in online search market. However, only starting these proceedings does not prove the wrongdoing of this search giant. A thorough investigation will be carried out to verify whether Google has really abused its market position.

Google has also allegedly lowered the Quality Score for sponsored links of vertical search services. The Commission will be looking into these allegations too. Quality Score is one of the major factors that determine the price paid by advertisers to Google. But there are always certain web sites that are unhappy with their ranking positions in search engines.

At the end of it all, the allegations made by and were soundless and unfounded. Adam Kovacevich Google spokesperson said that content plays a major role while ranking web sites. Content that is original and high in quality will help a site rank high. Whereas more than 70 per cent of the content on Foundem's site is duplicate and ejustice also pulls in maximum of their content repurposed from the search results of Google.

Aaron Goldman, the CMO at Kenshoo, which is a search marketing and technology company believes that manipulating rankings is Google's business model. “The question is whether it is manipulating maliciously and stifling competition in the process. It will be tough to make this case”, he added.