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Google Doodles Now On Mobile

Google Doodles Now On Mobile
Google’s doodles have always been intriguing to look at. We can say it’s an art in itself and now you will be able to see them in your mobiles.

Though this news has been in for quite some time, but we as a Google Doodle lover thought it would be a good post for our blog and of course the doodles are newsworthy in their own right. We have always admired the ideas and art behind Google’s doodles. They do have some of the most amazing presentation of current events and how to portray them at their home page. One of our favorite is the doodle featuring dozens of colored balls back in September. That did sparked an online speculation.

Since it’s inception in 1998, Google Doodle has never failed to impress Google users, well at least not us. Now, Google has confirmed that they are making majority of the desktop doodles to be available to anyone running Android 2.0 and up on the mobiles.

Well, we would be able to see them now or sooner on our mobile screens. The artwork that Google puts on their home page will now be enjoyed by anyone through their mobiles.

Though this is not an accomplishment or a new innovation for Google, but they are sticking to their goal of making their users enjoy the search no matter where you access them.