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Don't Forget About Your SEO Campaigns This Holiday Season

Don't Forget About Your SEO Campaigns This Holiday Season
Web owners are currently being urged not to forget their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing campaigns over this festive period. The main reason for this is that businesses often tend to relax and slow down their operations during the holiday season.

Kevin Gibbons, an SEO expert has said that, “organizations can sometimes let their search engine marketing (SEM) strategies fall by the wayside over the Christmas period, when in fact it is essential that regular content, blogs and news articles are posted to attract new business and retain existing visitors”.

Present below is a list that highlights some important pieces of advice, provided by Mr. Gibbons himself, for this holiday season:

1.“A regular, original copy is essential for your organic optimization”. Furthermore, “your website should be putting out regular content, so that the robots know to keep checking it out.”

2.“You need to be ready to react swiftly to news and a changing market.”

3.“Ask one of your team members to keep an eye on your paid search and agree to update your campaign if anything particularly relevant occurs.”

4.“Keep an eye on the platform, even if you’re not actively marketing through it, and be ready to respond.”

5.“Interact with your customers. This time of year, they’re relaxed and Christmassy hence you can build feelings of loyalty, especially if your business gives fans a festive present, like a discount.”

6.“If you just stop the conversation for two weeks, you’ll lose ground. You can’t stand still with social media.”

So, this Christmas season, it's time to shape up your SEO strategies and bring in the money.