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The Best and Worst Products of Google in 2010

The Best and Worst Products of Google in 2010
Google had a lot of fun in 2010 with new products being churned out from their company. We saw many interesting products and features that were amazingly great while some really didn’t make it. With 40 acquisitions, they tried to gain a stronghold in key markets. This was seen by some as a challenge to other companies.

Let’s see some of the best products and features of Google in 2010:

1.Google Buzz: Apparently it came out with a bang to overthrow Facebook. But it got overthrown itself. It was launched with great fanfare but was quickly overshadowed by major privacy concerns. Now, no one seems to bother whether it existed or not. Even Google is trying to abandon it in the next year and merge it with the upcoming Google +1 social layers.

2.Google Instant: This is one of the best features to ever have come out of Google! This feature streams out the results as we type in the search engines. This helps by saving our time and everyone loves it! Google Instant is definitely here to stay!

3.Google TV: Have you ever seen such things like the web merging with TV? Now you can with Google TV. This merger between web and TV channel surfing has been
out since October. Well, we didn’t exactly see a strong positive review yet as it’s been branded as being too expensive and rough but we are optimistic about it improving over time.

4.Android: Though Android wasn’t launched in 2010, it was still the same year that it was noticed by millions. With 300,000 activations each day around the world and spanning hundreds of devices, it fueled $1 billion in mobile ads a year. The operating system is Google’s best product of 2010.