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Google Part of yet another Argument

Google Part of yet another Argument
There has always been a tenuous relationship between Google, the search engine giant and the tens of thousands of websites that try to gain and attract Google's coveted search engine traffic. However, there is a sense of merit to both sides of the argument and the debates that are conducted are completely understandable.

For starters, Google has always claimed that it works on behalf of the web searcher and not on behalf of the website. But, the long list of web owners and various SEO professionals say that Google should do more for the websites, since it is the website's that create their listings and bring in the profits.

The latest debate basically brings Google's anti-trust authority into question. The web owners have started questioning Google's placement search results, such as Google Image search, Google news and Google local. This is yet another tricky debate where in both parties seem to be right.

But have these recent updates, in Google's search engine algorithms changed the face of SEO in any way? Undoubtedly!

Web owners simply have to keep their blogs, articles and newsletters running. They need to choose topics and keywords that work in their favor. Optimize images and videos and employ positive link building strategies. This is the only way to succeed, when it comes to your online SEO marketing campaigns.