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Google Can Figure Your Error Pages Faster with 410 Status Code

To deal with the error pages which might keep Googlebot wondering what to do (and to waste Googlebot’s time is not a good idea for your site Google crawl rate) is an often discussed issue.

The problem is that we cannot do without them because these error pages always occur during the life of any website. It is like some type of illness, all people get ill after some time. And Google is not always very quick to figure the problem for the clear reason:

Google never gets sure if you seriously want to remove the page. Therefore, it will try to crawl it again and again in a hope that you would change your mind and get it back. This can take its time and also will make it check fewer pages of your site.

Now this is good news actually; you can easily make understand Google to that you really want to drop the page out and not waste your precious time on it. John Mueller of Google made a post on Google’s Help forum which says that to make the page faster and more stable you can use status code of 410 instead of 404