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Do you want to get to the Google’s Top Spot

Do you want to get to the Google’s Top Spot
Reaching a top spot in Google or any other search engine is important in gaining targeted traffic to your site. One way to get to the top position is through the amount of backlinks you have pointing to your site. Every time a site link back to you, Google finds your site much more valuable, therefore you can say large amounts of backlinks is the key to gaining top position in Google.

There are ways to get quality backlinks if you put little time for achieving it.

• Blog Commenting- By commenting on the other people’s blogs is a great way for getting backlinks to your site. If you are offering valuable information in you comment, then your comment should get approved. Each comment approved is another backlink for your site. However, you should try commenting on high rankings blogs.

• Forum Signatures- Register with the forums that are of some relevance to your site and then add your URL in the signature section. You do not want to blindly advertise your link in the forum or you might end up being banned and therefore lose your backlink. You simply need to interact with members and Google and other search engines will consider these signatures as a backlinks.

• Social Bookmark Sites- Other way to obtain a good amount of high quality backlinks is by using social bookmark sites such as StumbleUpon, Digg and Reddit. Google likes these sites and will spot your links faster when using these places.

• Article Marketing-this may take some time to gather up enough quality backlinks to make it count , however, if you keep writing consistently couple of articles per day, link the resource boxes back to your site and then submit to various article directories then Google will eventually find you and your rankings will be raised.

Although these are few effective ways to increase the amount of backlinks to your site, it can take some time before it begins to work. Most people do not enough time for this kind of work and therefore they use professional services to get them high number of quality backlinks in short period of time.