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Wordpress Amazing Lessons

Wordpress Amazing LessonsAs everyone knows WordPress is one of the best used blogging software. These features can be more useful if one follows some amazing lessons which have been described below:

  1. Build a widget with new widget API WordPress 2.8: For this one needs to install a widget API called as wpengineer. If one does not know how to install widget it can be done explained and it is a very simple procedure to understand.
  2. Guide to creating widgets in WordPress 2.8: To know this particular thing one needs to just have a tadlock which is a guide for creating widgets in WordPress 2.8.
  3. WordPress Widget API: This wordpress widget API is different but easy to understand with hello world class.
  4. Custom Taxonomies in WordPress 2.8: This feature can be learnt through using justin tadlock which is one of the best features in wordpress 2.8.
  5. WordPress 2.8 and body class features: This feature tutorial is provided by Nathan Rice along with body_class() function. In this feature only local features are allowed which includes css class for almost everything one can control. Here the css class is the only local self control which can be almost everything one can do.
  6. JavaScript Loaded Into Footer of Theme: The javascript files which are there into the blog needs to be installed into footer of theme. This wordpress blog can be installed quickly with sub-sections being prepared on how to learn javascript files.
  7. Displaying information into metadata author: Displaying information in the metadata is a way to one can display author its information which is an important lesson to know in WordPress 2.8.
  8. The Author Meta: This new feature in WordPress 2.8 codex, gives the author_meta() in WordPress codex. Here in one can display the information, methods and various other parameters.
  9. Handling Plugin Options: The handling plugin options works well in wordpress 2.8 which could be included in planetozh. WordPress 2.8 has interesting register_settings() function which contain all this features.
  10. WordPress Proxy Support: It is 10th wordpress engineer proxy support given by wordpress engineer. If you are using wordpress on local network proxy settings you would be able to easily learn to do.
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