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Search Engines Got Their Eyes on You

Search Engines Got Their Eyes on YouChoose the keywords, position them the right way, and let the search engines get their eyes on your site. Are you still wondering how the visitors search for web pages? It is simple. The readers too are going to think of words like you do.

For instance, you own a website that deals with flowers. Then you need to think of words or phrases that the visitors might type in at the search box. In this case, you might consider targeting business keywords like local florist, online florist, wedding flowers, florist prom, and so on. If you target the keywords well then, your site is going to get listed at the top search result. Thus, when the visitor types in any of the targeted keyword, he / she are going to click on your site, it being at the top.

Targeting different keywords that are in relevance with the content is considered ideal. It is not necessary the keywords should remain the same for every web page of your website. The keywords can differ from one web page to another. If one page deals only with “wedding flowers” then, you need to target specific keyword and not general keyword. This will drive more specific group of potential buyers. You can easily learn the keyword strength and ranking by using the Google keyword tool.

Remember to choose keyword that has minimum of two words. Using just a single keyword “flower” will not prove helpful. Your website will get lost at the search engine in the sea of several other sites. However, specific keywords could help getting top position at the search result page.

Make sure that you have placed the keywords in good and right locations at the web page. Page title tag is important. Omission of title tag remains the main reason for the poorly ranked website. This title needs to be short yet attractive enough to catch attention. It can contain three to four keywords and each of them should be supportive to one another. The first keyword can be “online flower shop” and the next one can be “online local florist”. You can also frame a short sentence like “online local flower shop”. The visitors mostly choose sites having attractive and short titles over long titles.

Search engines eye on those sites having keywords in the headlines and in first paragraph of the content. Use while using keywords in order to simplify the table structure. Don’t forget to add keywords in the navigational links, as these links play an important role. The keywords are moved downwards and this can be fixed only by simplifying the table structure. Most forget how the tables can possibly affect web pages for the search engine listing.

Following the above stated simple tips should help the search engine to crawl further to your web pages easily. If you want the search engines to get their eyes on your website, you need to work smart.