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Recent Changes in Google Can Affect Your Site Ranking

The SEO community seems to in minor shock as there are quite some changes within the Google’s organic keyword rankings. Google undergoes a drastic algorithm change every couple of years or so. So, why is it a matter to worry for the SEO community? The fact is these changes in the Google algorithm might affect the search engine optimization strategies of a large number of websites. Most of the time, the changes affects the website in a negative way often dropping the page rank.

The search engines move in an unpredictable manner. You will never know what they will do next. Especially with Google, the changes seem to be happening frequent and few more changes within the next two or three years are likely to happen. When the changes happen, many sites will fall in the ranking. So, how can you prevent this from happening?

There are lots of SEO strategies and it will be best if you could focus on more than just one. Search engine optimization techniques are growing with each changes but the best step to stay up is relying not only on any one but many methods of web search engine optimization. Your big defense against the out-of-the-blue algorithm changes is diversity. Again link building is very lucrative and much more profitable than any other method of search engine optimization.