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Some Of The Best Google Tools For Internet Marketers

For a successful online marketing, technology is an important component where marketers depend on marketing tools in order to plan, implement and determine websites and campaigns. Google has some free tools to help internet marketers. Here are some tools listed for marketers who have a limited budget and those who don’t need more advanced features.

Ad Planner:

This tool is useful for planning an ad strategy. It can also gain valuable insights how you can get better target and meet the requirements of the website visitors. You can add some parameters describing the site audiences and it will provide a list of the websites that the visitors mostly visit. You can study those websites and analyze why they have that you don’t for the users.

Webmaster Tools

This tool contributes an important part for any marketing strategy depending on the search engines. Webmaster tool is specified for Google’s search engine but it can provide the feedback and overview will also help you to optimize your site for other search engines as well.

Insights for Search

This is a tool which provides patterns about the topics and terms that people search for categories, geography and other parameters. Google’s Insights for Search is useful for people to know which country to market their products, plan blog topics, shape the brands and stay in tune with the market trends. This tool has proven to be extremely helpful for planning and measuring marketing campaigns and strategies.


This is perhaps the best web analytic tool available free today. This tool provides all the information how the visitors reach a website and they are interacting with it. For any online marketing strategy, web analytics must be used to measure the site performance and gain information into how to improve.