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Reasons For Why Your Google Web Page Ranking Fluctuates

There may be times when you might wonder why your websites appear on the first pages of Google but they disappear after few days. Based on the experience of on search engine optimizer here are few reasons that will tell you why these web pages encounter these drastic ranking changes.

• The first reason would be because your website is very new. If you just created your website and put it online last week, you may be able to see your web page ranks on the very first page of Google for your keywords. However, the ranking disappears after few days. By some people this is called Google Ranking Bounce. Do not worry because this happens to new sites, your ranking will come back once your website stabilizes.

• Second reason is the frequency of fresh incoming links. If there are no incoming links that point to your web page then you will find a drop in your rankings in Google. Search engines like fresh incoming links and this is one way to make sure that your site is still fresh and there are more people linking to your content. So make sure to your content is good enough to draw more links to your website.

• Unstable linking strategies will also be affecting your rankings. It is advisable for you to get other people linking to you are website willingly instead of creating or asking for links. For this you will have to come out with something that will make more people link your site.

I hope reading the tips given above will be beneficial to you and your website.