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Real Value of PPC | Pay Per Click Value

Many people that they shouldn’t be spending money on keyword for their brand names, service name or product name. People believe that if they stop advertising for brands the visitors will click on natural search listing. Generally the visitors who come are the repeat customers for a particular brand. But many of Internet Experts are of a different opinion:

There opinions’ are:

When one doesn’t have an ad AND a natural listing, one has less presence on the search result page, and thus faces more competition.
  • When one shows both, it has a bigger impact on the buyer, which increases attention and trust, thereby increasing traffic, conversions, conversion rate, decreasing cost per conversion, ultimately increasing ROI.
  • Brand keywords are usually cheaper than general ones, so the ROI on that ad spend is higher.
  • Our internal research shows that about 50% of people who convert on a brand keyword are actually new customers.
  • In some cases, one loses significant brand recognition and natural search sales if one stop advertising on the brand names.
  • The ability to customize ads and feature new offers in PPC ads gives it a striking advantage over SEO meta descriptions.

PPC’s Partial Measurability Can Be Held Against It PPC Means Pay Per Click.

PPC is highly measurable which could make it more accountable than other channels- but we don’t see the effect of PPC on other marketing channels, because they get credit for the conversion in last-click analytics. Brand awareness generated from PPC ads can translate into conversion where the last click attributes credit to natural search or email.

Both brand and general searches could be conducted by the same prospect before buying.

One of PPC Campaigns run by Yahoo has a concept called “assists” that hints at the big picture. For one client, 14% of Yahoo PPC sales were assisted by multiple keyword searches. That’s just within the PPC channel. 25% of brand name keyword sales were assisted by a general keyword search. There may be a high amount of variability per client and vertical, so they watch these patterns per client. In the end I would say that PPC has its own value and myths.