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Increase PR | Tips to Increase Google Page Rank

How to Increase Page Rank | Tips to Increase Google Page Rank

For any user or person having online business page rank plays an important role. To increase page rank, you need to keep certain points in mind. I personally had a very good experience on updation of page rank by Google. So I would like to share some tips on how to increase page rank which I thought would be really useful.

By keeping these nine tips or techniques in mind and working that way I am sure that you would be in a better position to increase/update Page Rank of your website or blog or any other content which would be promoting your business.
Link Exchange: This is one of best ways to increase page rank, But for this you need to be careful because if you link to sites unrelated to you google will penalize you. But if you have links similar to your website then the chances of increasing PR will rise.

Content: Keeping fresh content is always an advantage because it will return more traffic as to see what else you have to offer as well Google likes to have fresh content.

Forums:Forums are a great tool to share your thoughts and knowledge across the web along with advertising and promoting your product. Many forums allow signature through which you can link your site which will be referred by people and in turn increase your Google PR.

Blogs: In today’s era blogs are really important to be linked up with website. To increase pr of blog you need to frequently post new ideas and thoughts, answering questions and providing suggestions which would in turn improve upon business.

Article Writing: This is one of finest technique to increase PageRank. In this method you get opportunity to spread your knowledge through article creation, which would target specific keywords and submitting them to thousands of article directories. Submitting to directories have benefit where you can spread your website links through resource box.

Write Reviews: Writing reviews on any topic be it movies, books etc will increase page rank. I know it sound crazy but it has an advantage as by writing it you will put a link of your website which would increase Page Rank

Affiliate Programs: This is one of good ways to increase Page Rank. But one needs to care to check that an affiliate which we join must correlate to website one has. If its not then there might be a chance that Page Rank drops out.

Newsletter: Newsletter are a great way to increase Page Rank because it keeps visitors involved and continuously updates them with news regarding business.

Keyword Optimization: This step is one of the most difficult but the most effective to increase Page Rank. In this technique you will have to target specific keywords in your website, articles, or any other content which promotes your business and that keywords will make you reach to top of search engines rankings.

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