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Google Suggest Is Now More Local And Better With Spelling

Google Suggest Is Now More Local And Better With Spelling
Google has just started out two nifty features of its Google Suggest service as a more localized search suggest which boils down to metro areas and an auto-correction of the spellings for name search. These is the two new features whose aim is to give you a faster search experience when typing your search keywords also lessen the amount of time you devote typing these searches.

The feature, localization is actually a spin-off of previous Google Suggest feature which was first limited to country searches. The new Google Suggest local feature was tailored to certain areas in U.S. This means that while typing in a specific keyword Google search quickly analyzes your search term based on your location.

The another new feature of Google Suggest is related to spelling enhancements. Therefore when you are searching for a general term such as “composer” Google will show various search suggestion that includes the name of the composer. Generally, this new feature makes use of the concept that the people often know something about the person other than the approximate spelling of his name.

Besides this, new Google Suggest feature, Google has rolled out an auto-correct feature that will lead you to the online entry for that keyword even if the spelling is correct.

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