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Get Google Raking With The following Tips

Get Google Raking With The following Tips
Now, know the tips that can lead your website getting top raking without any doubt.

1. Many website owners use shared host. But when you do so, never forget to ask your host for a dedicated IP address. It means that you will get a unique IP address for your site. You will not have to share your IP address with any other. If you get your own and alone IP address, then you will be free and separate from the possible tons of related sites on your site.

2. You must be aware o f the fact that your website validates as a search engine friendly site. You can check your website's validation with the help of an trustworthy validation service site. They will let you know about the conformation to W3C standards and search engines readability of your website.

3. This is important to have a contact page on your website that includes your address and telephone number and a form of some sort so people can contact you. Be careful about your email on the site as you will get spammers to send you tons of junk mail. You need to create a Privacy Policy Page and Terms of Services page of at least 300 words of text each. As almost all the websites have this page, you should not copy it from an existing one. You should put the keywords related to your website.

4. You need to create a FAQ or Tutorial page on your site. For that the best idea is to make pages linking to the proper subject where in ever page you should put your keywords, at least 2. It will hep you to add great content to your site. Again, for it potential clients sure will feel secure about your service.

5. Adding a blog to your site is an effective idea. If you have blog that is designed to match your site, it sure will draw traffic. This is an value adding concept for your site that improves your search engine rankings.