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Bing gets Social with Twitter and Facebook

Bing gets Social with Twitter and Facebook
Bing has recently upgraded its services and is currently sending the latest updates from Twitter and Facebook on your search terms. Microsoft's search engine on Wednesday officially launched its social site, which taps into public and shared updates from Facebook and the latest tweets from Twitter to show real-time results for your search topics.

This social search engine works like the regular Bing search engine. You will simply need to enter your keyword, and you'll see a list of current and recent posts from the two social networks. Every post offers a link to a Web site that could be anything from a static page to a YouTube video, where you can view more on a topic.

About the privacy concerns related to Facebook, Microsoft said in its blog that Bing collects updates only from Facebook fan pages and those shared links from non fan pages in which the status is set to share content with everyone. Still, no names, photos, or other identifying information will show up in the feed.

A typical Bing social search would display two different sections. The top section, Public Updates, Twitter feeds ,displays and the content and links from public Facebook fan pages. The bottom section will have Shared Links, and will also include the latest tweets and offers links from individuals' Facebook pages.

This new social page is the outcome of Bing's partnership with Facebook and Twitter to provide real-time updates.

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