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Google's Announcement for Commerce Search 2.0

Google's Announcement for Commerce Search 2.0
Google has just launched Google Commerce Search 2.0. It is Available now for U.S. and UK retailers. Commerce Search 2.0 offers a better experience online for shoppers, while offering a greater control and better ROI for online retailers.

Google Custom Search 2.0 that was launched 6 months ago, offers an enterprise-grade website search solution hosted in Google’s cloud servers. According to Google this latest version of Commerce Search offers the following enhancements:

  • More merchant customization: They are introducing a full merchandising dashboard that gives merchants more control over ranking rules,promotions and filtering. Product merchandisers and marketers can now do all of this themselves, no custom code is necessary. New intuitive retailer controls like navigation bar with filters, time-based promotions and simple product ranking rules mean seasonal optimizations can be done easily.
  • Better shopper experience: With query auto completion, retailers can give common queries to shoppers in real time, as they type, without any custom coding. GCS is more relevant and faster than before. Because it’s hosted in the Google cloud, search results are returned to shoppers in less than a seconds time. They have also included spelling and stemming dictionaries and new custom synonym options to make shopping on a retail site easy and accurate as searching on
  • Improved navigation and browsing: Many shoppers depend on the search bar on retail sites while they are looking to purchase, but there some people who will always prefer to navigate through different categories and discover new products. Now, Google Commerce Search makes it possible for the visitors to shop by browsing around your website as well as searching directly for products.
Google Commerce Search 2.0 is a paid service. So if you’re an online retailer and you want to implement it on your website, then it would cost you something around $25,000/year.