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Google Page Rank Calculation

Google  Page Rank Calculation
The calculation of Google Page Rank of any website depends on the counting of each incoming link to the site as a vote. For instance, if one website has an outgoing link to another one, then Google accepts that link as a vote for that another site. Simply it can be said if someone commends a reputable company to his friend, then the recommendation make the friend more confident.

Though it happens like it, still Google doesn't solely depend on the pure count of the links coming to the site in order to calculate the Page Rank. There are search engine robots that analyze the page linking of any website well. If the linking page is more relevant to the entered keywords, Google will give higher importance to that page. So, It is very important to keep this point in mind when you are planning to get one way links to your site. The below points are important as Google takes into account at the time of analyzing the linking page:

• The Page Rank of the linking page

• The linking page must focus on the same matter. It means you have a financial page and if the linking page is also about a financial website, then it will be called as an on focus link. But if the link is from an irrelevant page, then it will be called as off-focus.

• Google sees the quantity of out going links of both the pages also.

So, both the quantity and quality of links are important in getting Google's page rank.