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Bing A Major Search Entity After One Year

Bing A Major Search Entity After One Year
In June last year, Microsoft re-branded its Windows Live search engine to 'Bing', the decision engine. Today, they have successfully established themselves as one of the most popular search engines. But, Google still dominates all the other search engines. Most of the major search engines and even Bing have tried in earnest but have not succeeded in dethroning this mammoth of a company.

Since its d├ębut, Bing has consistently noted a modest gain each month and in April 2010, the Microsoft sites accounted for 11.8% of searches, which is up to 8% year over year.

Note that this growth has mainly come at the expense of Yahoo and not the search engine giant Google. Yahoo lost their market share year over year and on the other hand Google has remained static. Though Google is still the leader in the search engine industry, in some sectors Bing has got better results like their travel search.