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Instant Search – Not Entirely a New Idea by Google

Instant Search – Not Entirely a New Idea by Google
The Google Instant Search has made a new wave in the search world today, but come to think of it, it is not a new idea that they have developed. Yahoo had it years back and has since, chucked the idea.

On 15th September, 2005, Yahoo had launched a search tool called the Yahoo Instant Search. Much like Google Instant, the Yahoo version depended on Ajax to make searches more quick.

The Yahoo Instant Search, however, was never made available on the home page but the users could manually add it up to the home page at

Meanwhile, Yahoo engineers were working on a similar but separate search tool called Livesearch. The experiment resembled closely with Google’s Instant Search. The Livesearch was installed on Yahoo’s AlltheWeb search engine at in 2006.

But what really happened to both Livesearch and Yahoo Instant Search? It is said that Yahoo really didn’t have the infrastructure to serve live as-you-type search results to all their users, which Google didn’t have a problem with.

Well, now Yahoo should seriously consider making Livesearch and Yahoo Instant Search work again as this feature is making Google more stronger.